Bumsy and the Moochers - Abby Huston - Paragon Cause

Bumsy and the Moochers - Living The Nightmare.

Chicago, Illinois-based ska sextet Bumsy and the Moochers are set to release their latest single, “Living The Nightmare,” on Friday, August 20. The single is their first in a series of singles releases that will result in a mini-EP release with Sell The Heart Records (Neckscars, Decent Criminal, etc.). The video for "Living The Nightmare" was directed and edited by Katie Makes Films.

Although publications like The Washington Post began touting the “ska revival” earlier this year, Bumsy and the Moochers are likely quoting LL Cool J under their breath; they’ve been here for years. Since 2012, Bumsy and the Moochers have been riding a tidal wave sound reminiscent of ’90s pop punk and ska. They deliver melodic vocals, killer horn lines, and steel string shredding hot and fresh to your ears.

In 2015, Bumsy and the Moochers debuted their first full length release Bored Up! with the Easily Distracted EP following hot on its heels the following year. In 2018, Bumsy and the Moochers released their second full length album, Spaced Out.

That said, If “Living The Nightmare” is any indication of what’s to come from the well-established act, expect these local heroes to become and international phenomenon in the coming months.


Abby Huston - Higher.

Egghunt records newest signing and first hometown artist in a bit, Abby Huston. Abby makes dreamy, introverted guitar pop songs with graceful electronic production touches, coming from the unlikely origin point of acoustic covers of Avril Lavigne and My Chemical Romance circa eighth grade. Their next single "Higher" ft. Benét is out now.

Here's a quote from Abby about the process of making "Higher": Higher was such a pleasure to make with Cam and Benét. It was a kinda rainy day...Benét and I stepped out on the porch and wrote through the walls while Cam was laying the beat and we had a really beautiful conversation about how I had been feeling. 

Sometimes we aren't feeling uplifted in our lives but ultimately it is only our onus to honor our worth and not internalize every little thing people could be thinking about us.


Paragon Cause - Two To Play.

Paragon Cause tell us - "We are excited to share Autopilot, our third album, with you. It is a moody and atmospheric collection of songs which serve as a meditation on time and how it is mediated by the technology that can often control our lives".

Autopilot features "Two To Play" – a dreamy, fierce, and euphoric song about tracking down sexual predators. When the vocals come in, it is still very primitive, with a retro-lofi indie rock sound that has a narrow field of sound. But once the chorus kicks in, the stereo field widens, as if the world has opened both eyes and can see society for what it really is.

"Two To Play" focuses on confidence and relying on my own talents and opinions and feelings – putting myself first, explains our member, Michelle Opthof, an attitude that has guided our creative process on this record.

The term Autopilot may have connotations of surrendering one's freedom to a machine or going through the motions, but this album's energized and emotional songwriting reflect its polar opposite. - Paragon Cause.