Rae Fitzgerald - Drab Majesty - Silent Forum

Rae Fitzgerald - Say I Look Happy.

Rae Fitzgerald shares "Say I Look Happy" today, the title track from her new album out September 1 via Keeled Scales.

About "Say I Look Happy," Rae Fitzgerald writes: "I’m not ashamed to admit that I’ve struggled with major depression for as long as I can remember, starting in early childhood. As anyone with persistent mental health issues or illness knows, the stigma and pressure to 'fix' yourself can be more isolating than the condition. 'Say I Look Happy' is sort of an ode to that surreal plane of existence and a song of gratitude to the people who traipse through those valleys alongside me."

Say I Look Happy follows 2020's Lonely Listener EP, which The Wild Honey Pie described as “hypnotically relaxing,” and “dense with poetry, philosophy and celestial metaphor." Post-Trash called it a “a folk record at heart, built on dreamy atmospheres and intimate recordings, capturing Fitzgerald’s thoughts in raw portraits that channel honest performances and soft melodies.”


Drab Majesty - The Skin and the Glove.

Drab Majesty have shared a second track from their forthcoming mini-album, An Object in Motion, which is set for release on August 25th via Dais Records. Alongside the new track, they have also announced European tour dates for this fall as well as an appearance at Darker Waves Festival in Southern California alongside New Order, Tears for Fears, and more.

Following last month's majestic ballad “Vanity” which features a rare guest vocal appearance from Slowdive’s Rachel Goswell, today Drab Majesty share a second look at the forthcoming record with new track "The Skin and the Glove." The song deploys jangle to sparkling effect  baggy, soaring, grey-skied kaleidoscopic pop in the spirit of Stone Roses, Primal Scream, and The Glove.

Inspired by the insuperable march of time reflected in the song’s lyrics, for the accompanying video Deb Demure and Mona D. decided upon the one medium that reflects most accurately the way that memories seem sewn together by fragments of imagery. The ‘flashing frames of time’ captured by the Super 8mm camera seem naturally edited in some part by simply moving through moments, holding down the trigger and choosing to remember certain aspects of a day, a trip or an extended period of travel. These glimpses into the personal and emotional aspects of touring were captured in far away lands like Europe, Canada, Mexico and even Tasmania. They attempt to compress the long passage of time and the effort that goes into playing in a band — to present it as the mind does; a tapestry of reflection that seems stitched together randomly and with that ephemeral granularity that rests in the potential to misremember.


Silent Forum - Treat Yourself.

Silent Forum release their most unashamedly poppy single to date, Treat Yourself, coming out today 11 July via Libertino Records. Treat Yourself is mixture of revealing, uncomfortable lyrics paired with animated, uplifting pop instrumentation. 

You can hear the band having a great time playing around in much poppier territory than they are used to - this is as bubblegum as they're ever going to get.

Silent Forum split their time between Cardiff, London, Bristol and Barcelona. Their sound is equally unconventional - multifaceted music with confident but subtle streaks of dark energy. It’s textured pop-post-punk that equally rejects three chord song structure and monochrome doom.



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