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Amy Hollinrake - Vines - South For Winter - Pigeon Wigs

Photo - Sophie le Roux Amy Hollinrake - It Draws the Same. It Draws The Same is the new single taken from South-East London’s rising alt-folk star Amy Hollinrake’s forthcoming EP Sad Lady Songs Vol. 1 which follows late 2023. Hollinrake’s work draws on women’s stories within folklore and mythology and fuses them with a contemporary sound placing her at the forefront of the new era of feminist neo-folk, with musical touchstones in Joanna Newsom Joni Mitchell and Adrienne Lenker, with touches of the emotional directness of Paris Paloma. Amy Hollinrake has performed at Cambridge Folk Festival, and at notable shows at Cambridge Junction and Kings Place, as well as lending her soaring vocals to major label signed Don Broco’s Royal Albert Hall, London show, with her music garnering attention from the likes of BBC 6 Music Introducing and BBC Radio 4 Woman’s Hour. The latter invited Hollinrake in to discuss the new single It Draws The Same and her aesthetic which delves deeply into the old st

Aaron Boyd - TREMOURS - Annie Hart - My Name Is Ian - Muca - Lindsay Lou

Aaron Boyd - Coming Undone (Album). This is one really fine album, where every song matters. The background below gives a fine overview of both Aaron Boyd and the collection of new songs, listening just takes everything to another level. Born and raised in Stanton Kentucky, and residing in Irvine Kentucky,  Aaron Boyd is a singer songwriter  that writes from a place only a few with the gift of a second chance can do. Boyds songwriting serves as an honest ledger of accounts that rise from the same rich patch of earth as the minerals found deep in Appalachian soil. With his carefully crafted lyrics and timeless sound, Aaron Boyd’s sophomore album “Coming Undone”, will shake your soul to its foundations. Boyd began pursuing his passion for music and songwriting in earnest after his daughter was born. With new clarity and understanding of priorities, mortality and immortality, he was inspired to take seriously the gifts he no longer wanted to squander. His 2019 debut album, “Until the End

Echo Ladies - Charlotte Carpenter

Echo Ladies – Fabrik. Last month, Malmö, Sweden shoegaze/dreampop trio Echo Ladies announced that they have signed to Rama Lama Records/Gazehop Records and will release their second album Lillies on 8th September 2023. Commenting on the track, the band say: “‘This is a song about the fear of getting stuck in life, doing repetitive things, please others and putting yourself second all the time. The song's name, Fabrik, actually means Factory in swedish. We wanted the sound of the synths and the drums to remind of some sort of big factory, a repetitive loop of big sounds that shaped a rhythm.” Echo Ladies are Matilda Bogren, Mattis Andersson and Joar Andersén—three school-friends who, after playing together in a few different bands, realised that they worked best on their own. In 2014, after looking for “a name that represented our sound”, they became Echo Ladies, partly inspired by the name of the drum machine from another of their favourite bands, Echo & The Bunnymen (though t

Gretta Ray - The Legendary Ten Seconds - Annie Taylor

Gretta Ray - America Forever (with Maisie Peters & Carol Ades). Gretta Ray today releases new track ‘America Forever’ (with Maisie Peters & Carol Ades), lifted from her forthcoming album Positive Spin, a pure pop project that comes to you bathed in golden light, a hazy sunset of love and heartbreak, growth and understanding… a project full of beautiful moments of classic and emotive pop set for release on August 18. Written in one of the ‘homelands’ of music that makes up her second album, ‘America Forever’ (with Maisie Peters & Carol Ades) is a more stripped back effort of soft confession side-by-side with an acoustic guitar as she finds her way. The production on the track slowly elevates and increases the tempo and the hope, true to the album’s pop foundation. On writing with collaborator Carol Ades, Gretta says “if you’re lucky, you’ll meet someone who just is music, personified. That’s Carol. She is it!”. Hearing a demo only,  Maisie Peters - who just landed her first

Paris Paloma - Allison Lorenzen - Alex Nicol - Gal Musette

Paris Paloma - yeti feat. Old Sea Brigade. Singer-songwriter Paris Paloma has released her enchanting new single “yeti,” the anticipated follow-up to her break-out single “labour”. Featuring vocals from acclaimed indie singer/songwriter/producer Old Sea Brigade, the song offers a unique perspective on the transformative power of closure in a relationship. Guided by her captivating vocals and lyrical prowess, Paris takes listeners on an emotive journey through the complexities of human connection. “‘yeti’ is about the quiet, healing realization that comes with giving oneself closure after a relationship; when you’ve moved through a period of intense intertwinement - almost obsession - with another, and what feels like the vast chasm of time and space between that passion, and the point of indifference towards them that is reached in the healed-over aftermath. It’s not a spiteful, false indifference, nor a bitter apathy, but a breathing-out of sorts, when those feelings let themselves o