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Oslo Twins - Jill Andrews - Charlie Kaplan - Blanco White

Oslo Twins - Back To Nothing. Bristol born dream-pop outfit Oslo Twins have released the title track from their upcoming debut EP 'Back To Nothing'. The new EP will be released on 12" vinyl and digitally on 28th July via Fascination Street Records, a new label founded by producer Ali Chant (Yard Act, Perfume Genius, Aldous Harding, Katy J Pearson) in partnership with Bristol's Factory Studios. The band's upcoming debut EP 'Back To Nothing' is subtly influenced by dance, industrial and lo-fi music of the 80s and 90s, adorned with distinctive, hooky pop melodies, all connected by a sense of distance and the tension between unity and isolation. New single and EP title track “Back To Nothing” is lyrically suggestive of romantic loss, yet its steady rhythm and bright legato synths evoke a sense of calm acceptance. The violin courtesy of Tom Connolly (Quade) adds a melancholic folk depth, before the song arrives as its rich, euphoric climax. “I wouldn’t say it w

alice does computer music - Sandy Bailey - Grandaddy - Royal Castles - Denise La Grassa

alice does computer music - Coiled. This week alice does computer music shared her new single "Coiled." The song is the second single from the cellist, songwriter, and producer's upcoming debut album, Shoegaze 5G, due out August 4th, 2023, via Jolt Music. The record was mixed by Mari Maurice (More Eaze) and mastered by Andrew Weathers. In “Coiled,” alice does computer music entwines the fragments of her musical influences and memories in beautifully unmoored ways. Acoustic cello riffs are juxtaposed with bit-crushed drums that swirl into distorted, cavernous sound collage. About the single, Gerlach says: "I keep accidentally pocket-dialing the SOS button on my iPhone’s lock screen. the pattern feels significant, like my subconscious is alerting me to an internal emergency. There’s a theory that there is no such thing as memory, only experience and its decay. With each occurrence I remember and forget the previous instances, lost in the uneasy stillness of being unmo

Equipment Pointed Ankh - Fake Fever - Erin K - The Goods

Equipment Pointed Ankh - Trucks to Gettysburg. In terms of the headiest of heady jammers the Louisville, KY weirdo supergroup Equipment Pointed Ankh comes has made a name for themselves in creating uncompromising and unpretentious experimental music that appeals to the freaks and casual listeners alike. The group's magnetic pulse on their newest album Downtown! puts them in league with the Kraut conspirators while bouncing with a nervous, wiry rhythm of bands like This Heat. We think you'd dig it, or we wouldn't be sending this to you. The first single "Trucks to Gettysburg" is out now. Welcome to the eternal now of Equipment Pointed Ankh, whose instrumental, electronics-squishing avant rock/future jazz will baffle and delight your earholes for years to come. Set your cruise controls in the direction of a fun, beer chugging midwestern American version of the tightly buttoned Euro adventurousness found on that sparkly Recommended Records 2xlp comp. Equipment Point

Rae Fitzgerald - Drab Majesty - Silent Forum

Rae Fitzgerald - Say I Look Happy. Rae Fitzgerald shares "Say I Look Happy" today, the title track from her new album out September 1 via Keeled Scales. About "Say I Look Happy," Rae Fitzgerald writes: "I’m not ashamed to admit that I’ve struggled with major depression for as long as I can remember, starting in early childhood. As anyone with persistent mental health issues or illness knows, the stigma and pressure to 'fix' yourself can be more isolating than the condition. 'Say I Look Happy' is sort of an ode to that surreal plane of existence and a song of gratitude to the people who traipse through those valleys alongside me." Say I Look Happy follows 2020's Lonely Listener EP, which The Wild Honey Pie described as “hypnotically relaxing,” and “dense with poetry, philosophy and celestial metaphor." Post-Trash called it a “a folk record at heart, built on dreamy atmospheres and intimate recordings, capturing Fitzgerald’s thought

Surprise Baby - Enjoyable Listens - Simesky+Fritch - The Grahams

Surprise Baby - Poison the Well. Surprise Baby is the Los Angeles based project of musician and songwriter Sarsten Noice and producer Claire Morison. Described as rock and roll cowboy meets indie pop, the two, who are originally from Northwest Montana, use their long-standing relationship as friends and creative partners to craft a sound which is both authentic and captivating. The upcoming EP is a result of Surprise Baby refusing to be pigeon-holed and see’s the two exploring a realm of different genres and sounds. The first single to be released from the EP is “Poison the Well.” The track narrates facing the consequences of your own actions and the desire to change the reality of a situation but ultimately having the resignation that you can’t. Noice confides, “At the time, I was involved with someone who was in another relationship and we were both a part of a tight knit community (“the well”). At a certain point, it appeared to me that the toxicity of the relationship had permeate