A Trip With The Beatles - Part Two

In part one of this series, I used the first CD from the mythology boot series. Mythology is such a large collection, that it would be easy just to source from that.

It seems rather pointless to just keep dipping into this, especially as you can purchase the official Anthology series, especially if various outtakes, or work in progress versions are your bag.

So I will try and expand out on The Beatles rarities trail. The Beatles took a conscious decision to stop performing live, and most live recordings from the USA tours that I have heard feature the screaming audience rather than the band.

As a consequence the rehearsals for albums in the studio, have thrown up some real gems, as often the band would play 'live' without the audience. One of the best set of sessions are the 'Twickenham' or 'Get Back' sessions. This is a story in it's own right, and will be featured another time, it deserves the attention.

In 1968 The Beatles were both at Trident and EMI studios in London. Some excellent (performance and recording quality) material from sessions played, are on the bootleg 'Lord of Madness'. I have uploaded tracks 1 & 3, for your enjoyment.

The Beatles - Hey Jude - Lord of Madness.mp3

The Beatles - I'm So Tired - Lord of Madness.mp3

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