Jeff Buckley - Glastonbury - 1995

Jeff Buckley played the Glastonbury Festival on the 24th June 1995.

Songs performed are listed below.

1. Dream Brother 2. Lover, You Should've Come Over 3. So Real 4. Last Goodbye 5. What Will You Say 6. Mojo Pin 7. Eternal Life 8. Kick Out The Jams 9. Grace.

Unfortunately my copy of this concert excludes the final song (Grace), however that said this was a fantastic gig, I just wish I could have been there !

The link to the concert is below (again a zip file)

Jeff Buckley - Glastonbury 24th June 1995.

The Beehive Candy Store Jeff Buckley page is HERE.


Anonymous said…
Test ABC
Marescino said…
Outstanding work you;ve done here. Very much appreciated
Anonymous said…
I was there and it was truely amazing!
Anonymous said…
Can you reup? Its offline at mediafire. thanks !
I have the full show EXCELLENT quality. From the opening applause to the final song Grace. If you are interested please me~

or go to my blog and read my complete profile and click on Mixing Desk Live Music...
Blog it's on there:O)
Danny McCaffrey said…

Could by chance tell me where you got the pic of Buckley in a 9:30 tshirt? I'm a D.C. local and would love to find a bigger digitized original, the photographer, or a print.

Unknown said…
Seems like the Download is no longer available :-(