The Cranberries - Live Wire - 1995

This is a Cranberries boot known as 'Live Wire' from 1995.

I have only seen them in concert once, a few years after these performances, I was not disappointed.

Having been a fan of their music since the first album, I was mightily impressed with them live, so coming across a number of live concert boots, was a pleasure.

The good news is they have been a consistent class act, so if you want more from them let me know!

Live Wire is a compilation of three different concerts, from their 2005 world tour.

This is Live Wire:

Tracks One to Nine at The Milton Keynes Bowl, Milton Keynes, England - 30th July 1995.

1. Sunday
2. Linger
3. Pretty
4. Wanted
5. Daffodil Lament
6. I Can't Be With You
7. Zombie
8. Not Hollywood
9. Dreams

Tracks Ten to Fifteen at The Point Theatre, Dublin, Ireland - 2nd June 1995.

10. Sunday
11. Dreaming My Dreams
12. I Can't Be With You
13. I Just Shot John Lennon
14. Twenty One
15. Ridiculous Thoughts

Tracks Sixteen to Seventeen at Cadena 40 Principale, Madrid, Spain - 31st January 1995.

16. Dreaming My Dreams
17. Zombie

Very Good Soundboard quality throughout.

Replacement download link in comments below (02 March 2012).

Usual selection of official stuff to browse, and maybe, ever so maybe, consider buying HERE.


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