Mink DeVille - New York - 1980

Mink DeVille formed in San Francisco having performed initially as Billy DeSade & the Marquis and also The Lazy Eights before settling on the name Mink DeVille. They relocated to New York in the late 1970's, and were quickly associated with the local burgeoning punk scene.

The reality was that at heart Mink DeVille was a soul orientated band with roots in R&B, the blues and even Cajun music.

This year their founder Willy DeVille, celebrates thirty years as a recording artist, 'oh how time flies' when you are having fun.

This is Mink DeVille Live from The Bottom Line, New York, USA, back on September 12th 1980.

If you are not familiar with the band, I strongly urge you to give them a listen. Many may recognise their hit single 'Spanish Stroll', there is however far more to this band.

They are one of those bands that simply light up a venue when they perform. This is a 'stonking' performance!

The set list is as follows:

1. Harlem Nocturne
2. Slow Drain
3. Savoir Faire
4. She's So Tough
5. Cadillac Walk
6. Mixed Up Shook Up Girl
7. Just Your Friends
8. Desperate Days
9. Steady Drivin' Man
10. That World Outside
11. One Way Street
12. Just To Walk That Little Girl Home
13. Spanish Stroll
14. This Must Be The Night
15. Lipstick Traces
16. Easy Slider
17. Bad Boy
18. Soul Twist

The sound quality is excellent (FM Radio broadcast of the show).

Replacement file link - October 2011 in comments below.

Some Mink Deville Cd's to browse HERE.


kingpossum said…
Thank you Mike! Willy and his soul rockers in top form. I knew this show was out there but never had a chance to hear it until now.

Willy's still doing his thing, too, with his most recent album Crow Jane Alley ranking alongside anything he's ever done.

Anonymous said…
was lucky enough to see willy at the bottomline before he left for europe he was great.thanks for the music hopefully others will pick up on this guy if not its their loss
Jobe said…
I have always liked these guys since I heard them on the C.B.G.B'S. compilation lp. Hey great site here and I do click your ads. Can I post your site on my site?
Anonymous said…

i can't download this one anymore. Could you please re-upload it again? I'm searching a long time for some old Mink stuff.

greetings from the sunny side of the Netherlands

Beehive Candy said…
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SirCaustic said…
One of my faves... I miss Willy. Thanks.
Anonymous said…
Thank you very much for this. Great man, great music, greatly missed.
sdelany said…
Empty file here -- is this no longer available?
Beehive Candy said…
Replacement File Link:


Beehive Candy - November 2011