REM - Live In London - 2005

This is the 'broadcast' part of REM live in Hyde Park, London, on the 16th July 2005.

It was the final date of their 2004/05 world tour, and had been put back one week due to the terrorist attack on London's tube system, just days earlier.

I have seen a number of bands and artists myself in Hyde Park. I recognise it has been used considerably as a venue in recent years.

A good number of charitable events have been televised in the UK. It is easy to get the impression that this is a fine venue to play.

Hyde Park is a very big place, a very large park.

For around ten years now, the gigs are performed with the stage at the Marble Arch end. The audience are placed parallel with Park Lane going south, between the internal roads.

If nothing else, I hope I have confused some New Yorkers at there own game now, regarding concerts in Central Park (this time last year I was in Manhattan so understand this is said with kind affection).

Put simply this part of Hyde Park is flat, easy to fit in 80,000 people, not so easy to ensure they all hear, or even see the event.

In all seriousness unless you are an absolute fan, you are better off listening to the radio broadcast of the event if available, rather than risking, not being a part of the audience, close to the stage. Like I said, I have seen a number of acts there, it is a challenging venue for crowd and artist. REM did quite well!

This is REM as broadcast on BBC Radio Two live. It is not the full concert, rather the final hour. The sound quality is FM stereo, at it's best. I think it fair to say despite the challenges of the venue REM had their hearts in this gig, what do you think?

Tracks are:

01 - Kenneth
02 - One I Love
03 - Drive
04 - The Outsiders
05 - Leaving New York
06 - Everybody Hurts
07 - Electron Blue
08 - Final Straw
09 - Orange Crush
10 - Walk Unafraid
11 - Losing My Religion
12 - Man On The Moon

Replacement download link in comments below (2nd April 2010).

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Anonymous said…
Thanks for this one, including Everybody Hurts, one of the most beautiful songs ever on par with One from U2.

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yes...please re-up...
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