Kate and Anna McGarrigle - Rochester, NY, USA - 1984

Kate and Anna McGarrigle were singers, musicians and songwriters with a well earned international reputation.

They have performed to critical and popular acclaim throughout North America, Europe and the Far East.

Their albums have earned 'record of the year status and awards' from the likes of Melody Maker, Stereo Review, the New York Times along with many others.

And songs they have composed have been widely recorded by other artists, including Maria Muldaur, Linda Ronstadt, Judy Collins, Emmylou Harris, Billy Bragg, and Nana Mouskouri.

Ever since I first heard them some thirty two years ago, I have been an unashamed fan, and I guess I can blame them in part, for my love of music sung in French.

This is a concert recorded live at Red Creek Cabaret, Rochester, NY, USA, in June 1984.

Both Linda Ronstadt, and Maria Muldaur guested on some of the songs.

Set List:

As Fast As My Little Feet Can Carry Me
Complainte Pour Ste. Catherine
The Work Song *
Heart Like A Wheel *^
Travelling On For Jesus *^
Dig My Grave
The Lying Song *
Talk To Me Of Mendocino ^
Go Leave
Happy Birthday, Gilles!
Tu Vas M'accompagner
Going Out Looking
Love Over And Over
You Tell Me That I'm Falling Down *^
A French Song

* With Maria Muldaur
^ With Linda Ronstadt

This recording comes from a KCRW simulcast PBS special. There is a little 'tape hiss' however this is minor, and overall this is a very good quality recording.

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Silent 3 said…
thanks for this post. i have the vhs tape of the concert but the tape is somewhere in the attic in a box, so its great to have the audio and i can enjoy it again
Anonymous said…
The file was deleted. request
poisgone said…
So disappointed. Love McGarrigle Sisters.
Anonymous said…
Absolutely BriLLiANt. Thank you Thank you thank you
Beehive Candy said…





Mike @ Beehive Candy
Anna said…
As the person who originally uploaded this to EzT a few years ago, I'm glad to see it's still in circulation (EzT took it down some time ago). Did you include the covers I made for the CD? I can get them to you (Mike) if so desired.
oldfolkie said…
Two of the most under rated performers in the business. These women are icons.
Anonymous said…
Thanks Mike,I saw them in London about this time and they played a great gig.Can't wait to hear this.
What a treat,Thanks again,John.
joetomrud said…
This is a great recording of a great concert - thank you very much. They were touring the "Love Over and Over' album at that time, and it is one of their best. I have been hoping it would turn up on a blog sometime, as my vinyl version has disappeared, but so far no luck. Any heads up as to where I might find it would be much appreciated!

By the way the last track "A French Song" is their version of the old Balfa Brothers song "Parlez Nous á Boire", as featured in the movie Southern Comfort (the pig sticking scene!)

Joe in Dublin.
Beehive Candy said…
Download link: http://www.mediafire.com/download/uz4ez67k2zek85d/BCKAMR84-0615.7z

Password: bigreup15-071#

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