Jeff Buckley - Live at WNEW - 1995

Having posted a number of Jeff Buckley live performances last year, I will try hard not to repeat myself.

The previous boots are still available, and continue to be downloaded, I guess by new visitors to the Beehive, and a few who discover us through Googling Jeff etc.

This is Jeff live at WNEW (Sony Studios) with a very fortunate audience, who also got to 'enjoy' his wine, as well as the music - it will all become clear when you listen.

It is so good to hear him in such a fantastic mood, and the intimacy of the event really makes this performance special.

WNEW-FM were at this time just into a new music format, that was promoting, less mainstream 'alternative rock' artists, and Jeff fitted in well to these aspirations. It's a great shame the station did not stick at this, but at least they are back to music these days, rather than the horrendous 'talk radio' set up, that existed a few years back.

This then is Jeff Buckley live at WNEW, Sony Studios, New York City, USA, on April 6th 1995.

Set List:

1 Dream Brother
2 So Real
3 Mojo Pin
4 Grace
5 Lilac Wine
6 Last Goodbye
7 Eternal Life/Kick Out The Jams
8 Lover, You Should've Come Over

(Kick Out The Jams is of course an MC5 cover).

Sound Quality: Good quality FM recording.

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zico said…
Jeff was simply great and his even greater father would have been very proud of him. It's a shame that such o tremendous talent was lost in so dramatic way. The same of course applies to the one and only Tim Buckley who was something more and his death (along with Frank Zappa's) was i believe the biggest loss to modern music.
Take care Beehine you are simply great. Thank you very much
Anonymous said…
You rock thanks for all your hard work
Beehive Candy said…
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Beehive Candy