Uncle Tupelo - Beloit, WI, USA 1992

Although Uncle Tupelo broke up before they achieved significant commercial success, as mentioned on the recent Wilco concert posting, the band are renowned for their impact on the alternative country music scene.

The group's first album, No Depression, became a byword for the genre and was widely influential.

Uncle Tupelo's sound was unlike popular country music of the time, drawing inspiration from styles as diverse as the hardcore punk of The Minutemen and the country instrumentation and harmony of the Carter Family and Hank Williams.

Farrar and Tweedy lyrics frequently referenced Middle America and the working class of home town Belleville.

What was very surprising, though, is that, unlike the band's previous country-meets-punk releases, 'No Depression' and 'Still Feel Gone', the third album was performed almost exclusively on acoustic instruments.

It's a testament to the group's courage and integrity that, in a time when Nirvana's ''Smells Like Teen Spirit'' had made the world safe for grunge rock, their third album 'March 16-20, 1992' was nothing of the sort, with the band taking an alternative route.

This concert after the release of the third album is fittingly an acoustic set.

Recorded at a folk festival on the 11th September 1992, at Beliot College, Beliot WI, in the USA, this is a soundboard recording.

The concert includes the first known version of 'Motion Pictures' by Neil Young.

Set list is:

01 Satan Your Kingdom Must Come Down (fades in)
02 True to Life
03 No Depression
04 Watch Me Fall
05 Shaky Ground
06 Atomic Power
07 Whiskey Bottle
08 Wait Up
09 Wipe the Clock
10 I Wish My Baby Was Born
11 Do Re Mi
12 Life Worth Livin'
13 I Wanna Be Your Dog
14 Still Be Around
15 Warfare
16 Moonshiner (fades in)
17 Grindstone
18 Sin City
19 Motion Pictures

Sound quality is stereo soundboard at 192kbps.


For Uncle Tupelo albums visit their official store HERE. Site home page HERE.


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