Whats Up Doc - Number Ten - May 2008

Whats Up Doc goes international again for this edition, some unashamed plugs, and a few gems found on other sites, all shared here for your pleasure.

Australia first and the excellent Angus and Julia Stone, who are currently touring in Europe before heading home, the picture tells a story, here are a couple of songs to add more.

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Angus and Julia Stone - Bella.mp3
Angus and Julia Stone - Here We Go Again.mp3

Check their MySpace and listen to more HERE, Beehive Candy store purchase option HERE.

Giant Bear is a five-person collective of multi-instrumentalists, singers, poets, and songwriters.
Their music is firmly rooted in the sound of the American South, but never confined by its conventions. Well so say their website and I tend to agree!

Giant Bear - Nashville.mp3
Giant Bear - Devil on the Wall.mp3

Check their site for more music HERE, or buy HERE.

As mentioned previously James have recently released 'Hey Ma' and it does not disappoint.
A couple of examples below, and if you like these you will love the album. As you might expect they do not disguise their opinions on some poignant issues.

James - 01 - Bubbles.mp3
James - 02 Hey Ma.mp3

Loads of James Cd's in store HERE, the new album HERE.

From Sweden (thanks to Swedesplease) two superb artists.

First Aid Kit are sisters Klara and Johanna, and all I can say is you have to listen. They are wonderful!

First Aid Kit - 07 Cross Oceans.mp3

Listen to more and find out about them HERE, and purchase/download direct from Rabid Records HERE.

All girl group Those Dancing Days are another absolute 'breath of fresh air', a great example of why pop music has a future. Why don't my local radio stations play bands like this? (Because UK local radio is ####).

Those Dancing Days - 01 Tasty Boy.mp3

Buy HERE, and find out more HERE, on MySpace.

From Canada Ariane Moffatt has a third album on the way, and I am a sucker for songs sung in French, so check these out.

Ariane Moffatt - Hiver Mile-End.mp3
Ariane Moffatt - Jeudi 17 Mai.mp3

Purchase options HERE & Here. Official site for the detail, I really like the way this site opens up, see what I mean HERE.

I came across Carrie Rodriguez at Lonesome (along with a lot of other great music) and the comparison made with Lucinda Williams immediately grabbed my attention. Listen to:

Carrie Rodriguez - Seven Angels on a Bicycle.mp3

Her website is streaming the album HERE, along with all the background on her good self. Album in the Beehive Candy store HERE.

The Fairline Parkway were recommended to me, after posting the Wilco concert. See what you think, they have a 'lazy summer feel', that hopefully will be enjoyed even more if we have a good summer here in the UK after last years rainfall.

The Fairline Parkway - Westward Bound.mp3

Listen to more at their MySpace HERE, and visit The Kora Records for purchase options HERE.

Finally Sao Paulo's finest musical export CSS have had their most recent song presented on practically every new music blog, so why not here...

CSS - Rat Is Dead (Rage).mp3

More on their much anticipated new album soon, check out MySpace HERE.


Anonymous said…
thanks for the carrie rodriguez LOVE. she has a new album coming out on August 5th - She Ain't Me (produced by Malcolm Burn (Emmylou Harris, Kaki King). Email be for an mp3 you can share from it starting in July, ok?