Whats Up Doc - Number Eleven - June 2008

A summer feel to much of this edition of Whats Up Doc, and why not, it is after all summer here, and we have had some sunny days of late!

In absolutely no order at all here are a few songs that meet the summer criteria for me.

This Is Ivy League have gained a lot of attention of late, with some drawing comparisons with Belle and Sebastian, others even say Simon and Garfunkel.

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This Is Ivy League - 01 - The Richest Kids In Town.mp3
This Is Ivy League - 07 - A Summer Chill.mp3
This Is Ivy League - 01 - The Richest Kids In Town.mp3

They are in my humble opinion worthy of further investigation, hopefully the above 'tasters' will have a similar effect on you.

More HERE at their My Space site, where you can also order the album.

Santogold (aka Santi White) is different, hard to categorise her, however very accessible.. oh just have a listen..

Santogold - Lights Out.mp3

MySpace has more HERE.

From Canada (home of so many good artist's!) this is Feist and she is a little bit of Folk and Indie and alternative and... very very listenable.

Feist - 1234 ( My! gay! husband! - get up kid edit).mp3

More HERE at the official site, or if you prefer her MySpace page HERE.

Jeremy Schonfeld has been likened to Billy Joel among others, there is certainly something of a 'moody New York' feel to his music, kind of late night maybe, windows open, traffic noise in the background..

Jeremy Schonfeld - 02 - Try.mp3

Find out more at his site HERE, listen to more, and some purchase options HERE.

Finally an Arcade Fire remix that despite my trepidation before I listened, is actually pretty cool, whadaya think?

Arcade Fire - Black Mirror (team9 remix).mp3

Some Arcade Fire music in store HERE.

There you go an entire post of new and recent music, and not one mention of Coldplay's new album, making this a truly unique music blog at present...