Bonnie Raitt - Wolf Trap 1977

This is Bonnie Raitt live at Wolf Trap (1645 Trap Road, Vienna, Virginia 22182 USA), way back on the 20th July 1977.

However a CD version of this gig, gives Washington DC as the location, and puts the show back a month to August.

You can often spot a money orientated boot, I guess that was one, however keeping with the Beehive Candy tradition, we share free every time, and withdraw any material if officially requested (we occasionally like to restate that fact, out of personal interest).

Source: WLIR-FM Broadcast Reel Master (digital copy).

Sound Quality: Extremely good stereo MP3 @192kbps.

Genre: Blues, Country, and Rock (unique crossover of styles).

Set: Full set (sorry cannot confirm).

Set List:

01 Concert Introduction
02 What Do You Want The Boy To Do
03 Under The Falling Sky
04 Walk Out The Front Door
05 My Opening Farewell
06 Love Has No Pride
07 Kokomo - Walking Blues
08 Give It Up Or Let Me Go
09 Women Be Wise
10 Too Long At The Fair
11 About To Make Me Leave Home..
12 Sugar Mama
13 Three Time Loser
14 Home
15 Runaway
16 Bluebird

Links: Official site HERE. Wikipedia HERE.

Comments: Bonnie Raitt remains a superb singer and musician, consistently surrounded by extremely good fellow band members.

She should be recognised for a considerable amount more as well.

Bonnie has been environmentally conscious for decades and, also aware of the importance of preserving her American musical heritage that has inspired her own music.

I think we can safely call her an activist on many fronts, this site is however all about the music, an area I feel on more comfortable ground with, therefore I am more than pleased to recommend Bonnie to anyone yet to discover her music.

Oh and she has won Grammys and other awards on a very regular basis.

I am sometimes puzzled as to why this side of the Atlantic (Europe), Bonnie has not gained the same amount of recognition.

Probably because when you check out her track record, she could be mistaken as one of us, or is that just wishful thinking?

Whatever this is one fine recording, and hopefully garners some new fans for Bonnie outside of the USA.

link in comments 23/02/2016.


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Rapidshare worked fine.
zico said…
She is simply a great singer-songwriter. And this blog is too. Thank for many special posts. I'm sure this is one of them.
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Thanks for a great site, but I can't get this link to work. Maybe it's just me?
Anonymous said…
Checked link seems OK right now

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pwapvt said…
Do you have any idea who the band is?

Thanks for the share.
Beehive Candy said…

Password: hush#815-006