Mark Knopfler - AVO Session Switzerland 2007

This is Mark Knopfler live in concert (AVO Session), the venue was Festsaal, Messe, Basel, Switzerland, and the concert took place back on the 12th November, 2007.

This is a more complete version of the gig, using two different radio broadcasts for compilation. I am not sure if it is the full show, however I am yet to find any additional songs elsewhere.

There are also a couple of more tracks recorded a week after this show for the BBC in London.

Main Source: Swiss radio DRS3 Broadcast, December 24, 2007.
Second Source: Swiss radio DRS3 Broadcast, November 13, 2007.

Sound Quality: Very Good stereo (from FM analogue cable) @192kbps mp3.

Genre: Rock, Blues, Country.

Set: Full set (unable to confirm), plus two additional tracks.

Set List:01 Donegan's Gone
02 Song For Sonny Liston
03 Rudiger
04 Let It All Go
05 The Fizzy And The Still
06 True Love Will Never Fade
07 Done With Bonaparte
08 Postcards From Paraguay
09 Brothers In Arms
10 Our Shangri-La

Additional Material.

11 Local Hero ***
12 So Far Away ***

*** The Music Club presented by Simon Mayo, BBC Maida Vale Studios, London, England, Broadcast: BBC Radio 2, 19th November 2007.

Band Line Up:

Mark Knopfler: guitars and vocals
Richard Bennett: guitars
Danny Cummings: drums
Guy Fletcher: keyboards
Matt Rollings: keyboards
Glenn Worf: bass
John McCusker: fiddle & cittern

Links: Official site HERE. Comprehensive Wikipedia HERE. MySpace HERE.

Comments: To be honest I was not that bothered about Dire Straits or Mark Knopfler's subsequent solo career, until he worked with Emmylou Harris, and leaped on to my personal radar.

That he was a superb guitarist was never in question, however I guess I found Dire Straits over played on the radio, and a little 'laid back' for my personal taste, mind you all that is a long time ago now.

In fact listening to this material and some of his live stuff with Emmylou Harris, I reckon I may have missed out on something very good in recent years, and am now back tracking through some great music

More on Mark Knopfler and his Guitar playing / style at Beginner Guitar HQ (here).

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Unknown said…
You are an awsome person. Thank You for making this available to me. I Would have paid for
it, indeed i tried. it is not available anywhere else. I love this man's music and model much of my own guitar playing after him. I stumbled upon his 2007 recording of Brothers in Arms and fell in love with it. it is so superior to his original. I listened to the rest of the concert on youtube had to try to add it to my collection. I did thanks to you.