Tears For Fears - Live In Cleveland USA 1990

This is Tears For Fears on the American leg of their 1990 world tour.

The picture is from their programme for this significant tour of the band (the printed material may have varied along the way).

Somewhere (I hope) I still have a pristine copy of the tour programme from the UK leg of the tour.

I got to see them in London, and they were incredible, I guess you could say at the peak of their game.

This is a superb recording of the band back on the 12th February 1990, as I understand in the Public Hall, Cleveland, Ohio, USA.

Source: First generation soundboard recording.

Sound Quality: Excellent direct stereo soundboard.

Genre: Forerunners of Indie Rock-Pop, Oh! just seriously and consistently great songs and albums.

Set: Full unedited set.

Set List:101. I Believe
102. Head Over Heels - Broken
103. Change
104. Woman In Chains
105. Advice For The Young At Heart
106. Mad World
107. The Working Hour
108. Famous Last Words

201. I've Got To Sing My Song **
202. Badman's Song
203. Band introductions
204. Sowing The Seeds Of Love
205. All You Need Is Love
206. Everybody Wants To Rule The World
207. Encore break
208. Year Of The Knife
209. Shout

** Oleta Adams performs a song from her 1990 debut album 'Circle of One' (which subsequently went Platinum in the USA).

Band Line Up:

Roland Orzabal - vocals, guitars
Curt Smith - vocals, bass
Adele Bertei - backing vocals
Biti Strauchn - backing vocals
Andrew Davis - keyboards
Carole Steele - percussion
Jimmy Copley - drums
William Gregory - saxaphone, keyboards
Neil Taylor - guitar
Oleta Adams - vocals

Links: Official (TFF) sites are out of date, however Wikipedia is informative HERE. Official fan site HERE.

Comments: Whats great about this recording is the incredible clarity within the sound. It's rather like being up on stage surrounded by your own musical input, and hearing the overall band output from the monitors, and the audience somewhere in the background as you perform.

This really does capture Tears For Fears as they play live, the audience can be heard their in the background, but this is a direct recording of the band, warts and all, and it is so very, very good.

The originator of this material was the live concert sound engineer who sadly passed away in 2005.

For some reason the details of this person are still limited to their initials (R.S.) which seems rather bizarre, that said I am sure there are plenty of people 'in the know' who can appreciatively nod their approval and enjoy this super recording.

Reloaded - 29/May/2015 - download link in comments. 

Purchase: MP3's through Amazon.co.uk: Tears For Fears


Beehive Candy said…
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Anonymous said…
Much thanks for the TFF files. Unfortunately there seems to be a problem with 103 Change in the first rar - I tried downloading the rar a 2nd time and got the same result. Comes up saying "CRC failed." Don't know if it's at your end or mine but thought I'd report just in case.
I had the same conversion problem on the first file.
Rob (Australia)
Anonymous said…
same here, rar-rebuild doesn't work - no recovery information
Anonymous said…
OK I will try and sort give us a day or so

Tweedster said…
Awesome!! Thanks Mike!
Anonymous said…
Mike - thanks much for the quick "repair" work. (I was the first Anonymous poster...) One more thing that you may want to note: track 3 is actually "Change" segueing into "Pale Shelter." Two songs as one file.
Hi Mike - many thanks for the fix and the file. you're a star!
Rob (Australia)
Anonymous said…
Any chance for a re-post?
Beehive Candy said…
Download Link: http://www.mediafire.com/download/3v3zlhx5cislm38/BCTFFC90-0615.7z

Password: bigreup15-046#

Reloaded 29/May/2015

Beehive Candy
Daniel said…
link still alive...nice one.