Beehive Recommends - King Wilkie

OK it's a double header today, with a second Beehive Candy recommendation, and this is superb (I know, in my opinion).

A little record label called Casa Nueva based in Boston, USA, recently put out their first release, King Wilkie Present: The Wilkie Family Singers by the acclaimed Brooklyn-based stringband King Wilkie.

I'll quote the press release because as I listen again to the album now, this kind of summarises matters..

"It’s a cinematic concept album, consisting of songs written and recorded by the fictional, dysfunctional Wilkie family as part of a music therapy program spearheaded by the mysterious Dr. Art. This haunting backdrop is brought to life with music that draws from clattering, rustic stringband sounds, while adding more contemporary and eccentric overtones – from shimmering electric guitars to wheezing, Salvation Army brass. Special guests include Robyn Hitchcock, Peter Rowan, Abigail Washburn, Sam Parton (The Be Good Tanyas), David Bromberg, and John McEuen".

Or to put it another way, it's a good listen, with some very talented support along the way.


King Wilkie - 'Hey Old Man'

Website: My Space.
Purchase: King Wilkie

It's great when a new band come along and grab your attention on the first song, OK they have been around a while but this is all new to me and hopefully some of you will enjoy the discovery as well....