Beehive Recommends - As Tall As Lions

According to their press release 'New York’s As Tall As Lions’ hard work has paid off in spades. Their heavy touring history and solid fanbase has helped land them the coveted direct support slot to MUTEMATH’s 35-date “Armistice Tour,” this Fall, starting September 22nd in Cincinnati , OH' .

“This is a great tour, we have been waiting for one like this,” said ATAL frontman, Dan Nigro. “MUTEMATH writes intelligent songs and has a passionate audience, and we like to think that we do too.”

OK so I give them a listen, not sure what to expect from a band name dropping another as part of the promotion. Well getting straight to the point, I am impressed. They have the ability to both rock, and take it a little more gently, the songs are crafted in layers that certainly please my taste, so they get a share on the Beehive! Dont take my word for it, check em out.



Website: My Space HERE Official HERE.
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The new album 'You Can't Take It With You' is now in stores. Their USA tour with MUTEMATH kicks off on September 22nd , and concludes in New York on November 13th 2009.