Beehive Recommends - The Postmarks

I like The Postmarks. I have always had a liking for female vocals on pop, rock, indie you name it. However it only works if the music is good, the ideas great, and the whole thing pretty much top dollar.

An American band that can play with a strong retro sound, hints of France and England, well now that's just plain teasing!

Their new album 'Memoirs at the End of the World' was recently released, and gets the mighty Beehive approval. The mixture of classic pop sound, with sweeping orchestration does it for me.

A little more detail:

'The Postmarks are led by Tel Aviv born female singer/songwriter Tim Yehezkely, a beautiful, yet inscrutable individual possessed of a soft-textured voice that's simultaneously seductive and detached. Memoirs is the follow up to the band's 2007 debut self-titled album and 2008 covers album entitled By The Numbers. The band has a headlining tour under their belt, played Lollapalooza in 2007 and has toured with Múm, The Apples in Stereo, The Album Leaf, and The New Pornographers. They recently got back from a series of dates with stellastarr* and Wild Light and will be back on the road this fall. Look for upcoming Miami and Orlando in-stores at Bloomingdales and a one off in Orlando with Peter Bjorn and John'.


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