Beehive Recommends - Logan Lynn

I had not heard of Logan Lynn prior to a promo arriving in the mailbox a couple of weeks back.

Anyhow Logan Lynn was signed to The Dandy Warhols’ record label, “Beat The World” Records a short while back and released his third full length record, “From Pillar To Post” on line a couple of weeks ago (alongside a 4-Volume Remix EP collection called “Blood In The Water”, which features Remixes by Styrofoam, Boy In Static, The Gentry, Ariake Waveband, Y-Tron, and MANY more).

Early reviews of From Pillar To Post have drawn wide comparisons, ranging from The Postal Service, to M83, Lykke Li, Cut Copy, Ladytron, Goldfrapp and even indie rockers, Metric. URB Magazine proclaimed, “Sonically adventurous, yet possessing the pop sensibilities that lesser artists would forsake in the name of artsiness, Lynn is set to become the new golden boy of sensitive electro-pop.”

Having listened I can see the comparisons, and thankfully I would also add he has a definitive style of his own and if any of the aforementioned comparisons spark some interest you would do well to give him a listen.


Website (With Exclusive Pre-Release) HERE.

“From Pillar To Post” hits stores, iTunes and everywhere else on the 24th November 2009.