Grin - Washington DC 1972

Before forming Grin, Nils Lofgren had already played piano in Neil Young's Band (and whilst with Grin he performed on the album 'After The Gold Rush').

I understand that it was on the strength of his membership of Neil Young's band that Grin obtained a record contract and in their short history they recorded four albums.

Nils Lofgren of course went on to become highly successful as a solo artist, along with his long standing membership of the E Street Band.

Having discovered Nils Lofgren through his 'Cry Tough' release in 1976, I rapidly bought his back catalogue of Grin albums, and was surprised by how diverse the songs were.

This is Grin live in concert at the Lisner Auditorium, George Washington University, Washington DC back on the 1st December 1972.

Source: Soundboard

Sound Quality: Very good stereo mp3@320kbps.

Genre: Rock, Blues, Country Rock.

Set: Full Set.

Set List:

01. I Had Too Much
02. Ain't Love Nice
03. Love Or Else
04. Please Don't Be Long
05. Moon Tears
06. Love Again
07. Heart On Fire
08. Slippery Fingers
09. Sad Letter
10. Heavy Chevy
11. Like Rain
12. End Unkind
13. See What Love Can Do

Band Line Up:

Bob Berberich: drums & lead vocals
Nils Lofgren: guitar, piano, and co-lead vocals
Tom Lofgren: guitar & vocals
Bob Gordon: bass and vocals

Links: Nils Lofgren Official HERE. Good fan site with details on Grin albums HERE.

Comments: Nils Lofgren had formed Grin with bassist Bob Gordon, and drummer Bob Berberich, in 1969 and the group played in the venues throughout the Washington, D.C. area.

The band had a strong local fan base, releasing four critically acclaimed albums of catchy, mixed rock, from 1971 to 1974, with guitar as Lofgren's primary instrument. Lofgren wrote the majority of the group's songs, and often shared vocal duties with other members of the band (primarily drummer Bob Berberich). After the second album Nils added brother Tom Lofgren as a rhythm guitarist. Grin failed to hit the big time, and were eventually released by their record company.

This recording catches the band playing on home turf, with a storming set of their own material.

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All I can utter is oh, my God...This is an incredible choice. I'm a Nils nut but to pull out some Grin is super. Three cheers to the BeeHive. I'm thrilled.
tomatodon said…
I can't thank you enough for some live Grin. Such a great wee band.
Anonymous said…
Grin and Joe Walsh both on the same day (for me that is!). love the beehive. thanks / bk
Thought of Grin after clarence Clemons died and the e streeters I know a little bit
Dangoboy said…
Hey Nils
David A. said…
Thank you very much for such a rare treat from the wonderful Nils. With my best wishes to you.
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Beehive Candy
sami said…
thanks for grin... almost didnt see link...