Joe Walsh & Barnstorm - Texas 1973

Joe Walsh formed Barnstorm after he left the James Gang.

The original members of the group were Joe Walsh (guitars, keyboards), Joe Vitale (drums, flute, keyboards) and Kenny Passarelli (bass); all of the members contributed vocals and songs, although Joe Walsh was the principal singer and songwriter.

Later, the group added keyboardist Rocke Grace, to permit it to play the complex arrangements live that it was creating through multi tracking in the studio or with the help of session musicians Paul Harris (piano) and Joe Lala (percussion).

This is Joe Walsh and Barnstorm back on September 24th, 1973, at The University of Texas, Arlington, Texas, USA.

Source: Soundboard

Sound Quality: Very good stereo mp3@320kbps.

Genre: Rock (country to hard).

Set: Fifty Minute Set.

Set List:

01 Meadows
02 The Bomber, Turn To Stone, Midnight Moodies
03 Tend My Garden
04 Rocky Mountain Way
05 The Bomber (outro version)
06 Turn To Stone (outro version)

Band Line Up:

Joe Walsh - guitars
Joe Vitale - drums
Kenny Passarelli - bass
Rocke Grace - keyboards

Links: Joe Walsh Official site HERE.

Comments: This is a really fine recording that came my way a couple of weeks ago and really opened up some memories. Barnstorm would record only three albums over its three-year life (two as principals, Barnstorm and The Smoker You Drink, the Player You Get, plus serving as the backing band on Michael Stanley's Friends and Legends) before disbanding, although Walsh and Vitale have continued to work together ever since. Passarelli, meanwhile, joined Elton John's backing band in 1975, and he later rejoined Vitale in Crosby, Stills and Nash's backing band.

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Anonymous said…
Thanks for the4 Joe Walsh @ UT of Arlington! I 'think' i was there, you know how it is...
Anonymous said…
thanx a lot for this post!
it's always great to hear another Joe Walsh show!
Anonymous said…
Dear Mike
many thanks for the Joe Walsh. I am a late convert to him and it seems his very best work is his live shows most seem to be boots as if thats a problem(!)Perhaps you can consider any more live JW posts in the future - they sure would be welcomed
Anyway Cheers and thanks again

censusloss said…
Thanks for the Joe Walsh -always at his best live I think

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