Beehive Recommends - Julian Shah-Tayler

Julian Shah-Tayler is a solo artist who writes, produces and performs his own music. His EP - "Un Ange Passe" (dedicated to the memory of Christine Shroy-Hull) is released on 1st January, 2010. His debut album, “Coito Ergo Sum” is due for release spring 2010 on Impossible Thing Records.

Julian has played guitar in 'Whitey' co writing the smash hit “Wrap It Up” which has been featured in Whip It, GTA 4, Sopranos, Kyle XY and CSI Miami. He has also played keys & sang with Siobhan Fahey (Shakespear’s Sister), and played keyboards & sang on Joaquin Phoenix’s solo album among others!

Having listened to a number of his his songs, I reckon he could well break through in 2010, which would be deserved as his song writing and performance is quite stunning. The melodies and variety of styles he uses along with first class production have really gained my attention.


Websites: MySpace
Buy: Impossible Thing Records

The debut solo EP “Un Ange Passe” in tribute to Christine Shroy-Hull who left us on the 6th September 2009 and features on the cover.

It will be released on iTunes , all download sites and special edition CD mail order via Impossible Things Records on 1st January 2010

Anyone that buys the special edition EP CD from the Impossible Things Records website will also get a new recording for them by Julian. It might be a specially recorded song, a live favourite, a version of a song from the EP or something else, but available to no-one else in the world (unless they upload it themselves.. Ask for something specific, but be careful what you wish for!!

Some reviews so far:

“Wetter is Massive, It will make (Julian) a star” – Alan McGee (Oasis/Primal Scream/My Bloody Valentine)

“Very Impressed” – David J (Bauhaus/Love and Rockets)

“This guy has massive talent” – Boom Boom Chik

“An infectious solo release..steps away from acclaimed success” – Mojophenia