Joni Mitchell and James Taylor - London 1970.

This is Joni Mitchell and James Taylor in concert at the Royal Albert Hall, London back on the 28th October 1970.

The performance was some two weeks after their collective appearance at the Amchitka Concert on October 16th 1970 in Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada, which was a fund raising concert for what would eventually become GreenPeace.

This is a high quality recording and reflects two people who are clearly enjoying themselves. The concert was originally broadcast on BBC Radio and is introduced by then BBC DJ John Peel, the concert was also broadcast on WNEW in New York

Source: FM broadcast, soundboard.

Sound Quality: Excellent stereo mp3@19kbps.

Genre: Folk and Country Rock

Set: Broadcast element plus additional Joni Mitchell gig material.

Set List:

01 That Song About The Midway - Joni 
02  The Gallery - Joni
03 Rainy Day Man - James
04 Steamroller - James
05 The Priest - Joni
06 Carey - Joni
07 Carolina in My Mind - James
08 California - Joni
09 For Free - Joni
10  The Circle Game - Joni
11 You Can Close Your Eyes - Joni & James

Bonus tracks not broadcast. All by Joni Mitchell

12 The Good Samaritan
13 River
14 My Old Man
15 A Case Of You
16 Carey [with unedited intro]

Website: Official Joni Mitchell HERE. James Taylor HERE.

Notes that came with this ROIO are as follows : The king and queen of new folk were an unlikely match of the sweet, smooth-talking Taylor and the giggly, elfish Mitchell. Together they visited London and were graciously hosted by the BBC’s John Peel whom you can hear introducing the pair. At the time of post-Dylan folk music, much interest was shown to introspective songwriting, hence Peel’s interest.

This performance exudes both warmth and charm with the pair playing on each other’s strengths and Joni taking lead vocals on James’ You Can Close Your Eyes while singing her own quirky songs The Priest, California and her early favourite The Circle Game.

There’s quite a lot of between song banter with the audience that makes this set so charming for its innocence and exuberance. Nobody was thinking about being an American idol then but rather just spreading their music.

As a bonus, five rehearsal tracks are included that were not broadcast on the BBC. This version is the Wolf ReMaster with the between song audience applause reduced slightly in volume. - The Little Chicken

New file link in comments below - Re-uploaded 2012 (Stealth project). 


Beehive Candy said…
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Anonymous said…
This is just sublime. Thanks!
Anonymous said…
Stephen said…
Wonderful music. Not however recorded at the Royal Albert Hall but at the Paris Theatre on London's Regent Street (owned by the BBC) earlier in the year. A couple of the tracks are cut in from a separate James Taylor performance at the same venue.

All the tracks you list as 'not broadcast' were in fact broadcast by the BBC.
Anonymous said…
Wonderful record, had some of the tracks before but thank's a lot for providing me with the rest of the tracks as well. Their voices goes so well together. It is obvious they are really enjoying themselves. / AL
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Linkin Park said…
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Anonymous said…
This is a truly wonderful show that is unavailable b/c of the 'flameupload' snafu / theft of links. FWIW, we DO appreciate all your effort in updating these links.
Beehive Candy said…



Thanks for uploading!

I made a tape of these from a BBC broadcast on 27 December 1970, OMG 43 years ago. Yes, the 'not broadcast' tracks are on it.
I have a tape I made of a BBC rebroadcast of this concert at the time - OMG 43 years ago - on 27 December 1970. It includes as noted above all the songs except the James Taylor solo ones.
Yes, it would likely be at the Paris theatre.

Thanks for uploading!
Rafael Zamora said…
Any clue to open the file? the machine doesn’t recognize it.

Rafael Zamora said…
Hi, any clue to open the file, mi machine can’t recognize the file

Lewis said…
Beehive Candy, thank you SO much for not only posting this originally, but taking the time to re-post late last year. This is an amazing performance! Thank you for your blog!
Anonymous said…
Holy Moses... thx..