Nico and Tangerine Dream - France 1974

This is Nico & Tangerine Dream recorded live at the Cathedrale Notre-Dame, Reims, France, way back on the 13th December 1974. This recording was sourced from the a broadcast of the event on France Inter Radio and has been widely circulated as a silver CD boot.

The majority of this recording is of Nico performing solo with a Harmonium (she was the supporting artist) however over time Tangerine Dream seem to have been 'upped' considerably in the credits. The venues audio characteristics along with Nico's haunting style have a significant effect on this recording that as a result produced music of a timeless and fascinating nature. included this event in a list of 10 Infamous Concerts and had the following to say:

'Tangerine Dream —those krautrock  innovators turned new-age synth wallpaperists— picked an amazing venue for a show in December, 1974: Notre-Dame de Reims Cathedral; which had historically hosted the coronations of French Kings. Unfortunately, the promoter of the gig got a little swept up in the grandeur, overselling the show so blatantly that the crowd, when eventually crammed in, couldn't move; leading to audience members urinating where they stood. The Catholic Church was apoplectic, and banned concert events in Cathedrals for eternity. The show's legacy grows over the years thanks to a bootleg of opener Nico, playing her haunted, pump-organ dirges in a house whose natural reverb makes them sound like the ghostliest hymns'.

Source: FM Radio.

Sound Quality: Very good stereo mp3@320kbps 

Genre: Avant-garde, experimental, Krautrock. 

Set: Full Nico set

Set List:

01. Janitor Of Lunacy
02. The falconer
03. Valley Of The Kings
04. The End
05. Abschied
06. Mutterlein
07. Frozen Warnings
08. You Forget To Answer
09. We've Got The Gold
10. No One Is There
11. Ari's Song
12. Atmospherics

Website: Site dedicated to Nico HERE. Tangerine Dream Official HERE.


Nico - pump organ, vocals
Edgar Froese - keyboards
Christopher Franke - keyboards
Peter Baumann - keyboards

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