The Black Crowes - Southern Harmony Demo's

This is The Black Crowes during the making of their second album 'The Southern Harmony and Musical Companion' with some of the tracks close to the final album release versions and a few at an earlier stage.

The Black Crowes remain one of my all time favorite live bands and their studio offerings have never disappointed.On three of these songs I had to go back to the official release to check for any differences, there are, but not that much.

The Southern Harmony and Musical Companion is the second album by the The Black Crowes, released on May 12th, 1992. It was the first record by the band to feature Marc Ford on lead guitar, replacing Jeff Cease, who left the year before.

It features four hit singles; "Remedy" ( number 1 on the Album Rock Tracks chart for 11 weeks), "Thorn in My Pride" (number 1 on the Album Rock Tracks chart for four weeks), "Sting Me" (number 1 on the Album Rock Tracks chart for two weeks), and "Hotel Illness" (number 1 on the Album Rock Tracks chart for six weeks). It was a record for an album to feature four album rock number-one hits (previously set by Tom Petty in 1989, with three). The album itself reached the top spot of the Billboard 200 album chart, propelled by the success of these singles.

In 2006, the album was ranked number 100 on Guitar World magazine's list of the greatest 100 guitar albums of all time. 

Source: Studio sessions.

Sound Quality: Very good stereo mp3@192kbps.

Genre: Blues rock, southern rock.

Set:  Studio Sessions.

Session List:

1. Remedy (instrumental).
2. Black moon Creepin
3. Bad Luck Blue Eyes Goodbye
4. Hotel Illness
5. Darling Of The Underground Press
6. Sting Me
7. Thorn In My Pride
8. No Speak No Slave
9. Sometimes Salvation
10. My Morning Song
11 / 12. Bonus live jam tracks.

Website: Official HERE.

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Beehive Candy said…
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Mat Brewster said…
Thanks Mike. Always loved this album, will be interesting to hear the rehearsals.
Chris E said…
Many thanks. Great band so will be interested to hear this.
grifftrain said…
Hello. Is it possible to reup this link. I love the Crowes, but somehow Ive always missed being able to grab these demos. I know Im late, but it never hurts to ask, I always say.
Beehive Candy said…
New Link 2012:

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