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2012Candy - July - Catch Up Time !

Background: Life...set to a dance beat. The credo that New York indie electronic pop band The Mystic Underground are guided by as they create their brand of bedsit drama set against an electronic canvas of beats and bangers. The duo of Vladimir Valette (the singing and the writing) and Benedetto Socci (the composing and the producing) are fully engaged and primed to herald a new beginning in electronic pop music with a new EP entitled 'Dreamers And Lovers' Hailing from the bustling Williamsburg district in Brooklyn, New York, an area constantly finding itself at odds with the sprawling metropolis that is Manhattan just across the bridge, The Mystic Underground's latest is a pre-emptive strike against the stale and staid state of pop music that surrounds them. Finding little satisfaction in simply regurgitating dance beats for yet another jilted generation, this duo is writing the soundtrack for a new breed of pop music fan. A return to proper songwriting, a return to