Pree - New Album - Rima

This is an unashamed plug for Pree. Totally unashamed and I do not care! I will add that Paper Garden Records who released Pree's latest album Rima earlier this week, seem to have a knack in finding great artists, Little Tybee and Eli Mardock to name just two others.

So what's all this Beehive Candy being even more upbeat about a new recording than normal, bearing in mind we tend to write only about music we like anyway! Well cards on the table, I have loved Pree's music since the above mentioned record label first introduced them to me a few years back.

As regards the new album here are the eloquent words that came my way a week or so ago - Known for their unique and vibrant pop songs, Rima was crafted after returning to DC following touring, and a time of reorientation and reexamination of relationships. The ten tracks of Rima (which takes its name from geologic fissures on the Moon) are a series of confrontations--perceptions enhanced and at times distorted by the narrator's own fractured understanding of others.  The album is a study in these divergences of personal relationships and how the narrator copes with their implications as she seeks to define herself and determine what to leave behind, and what is worth hanging onto.

All I would say is I like Pree's music and I love this album, but then I do tend to put things a little more simply using smaller words.

They are touring in May:

5/8 - Washington, DC @ Black Cat (Record Release Show!!).
5/14 - Durham, NC @ The Pinhook
5/15 - Atlanta, GA @ 529 Bar
5/17 - Decatur, AL @ The Leonard Limoy Center
5/18 - Hattiesburg, MS @ The Thirsty Hippo
5/20 - New Orleans, LA @ The Looking Glass
5/22 - Austin, TX @ Empire Control Room
5/25 - San Diego, CA @ The Hideout
5/26 - Los Angeles, CA @ The Mint
5/27 - San Francisco, CA @ Bottom of the Hill
5/29 - Eugene, OR @ The Lorax
5/30 - Portland, OR @ Hawthorne Theatre Lounge
5/31 - Seattle, WA @ The High Dive
6/2 - Denver, CO @ The Lion's Lair
6/11 - New York, NY @ Rockwood Music Hall
6/12 - Brooklyn, NY @ The Living Room (Northside Festival: Official Paper Garden Showcase).

Pree Website HERE. Check out the opening song below, and find more on their website.