Hawkwind - Live, Demos and Sessions

This is Hawkwind in three parts, concentrating on rarities from 1970 to 1980. It is also an introduction to another website that if you enjoy Hawkwind's music should know about (perhaps you already do, but no harm in sharing the details).

One of the fascinating things about unofficial recordings is the various sources they come from and the levels of audio quality available. These three recordings kind of demonstrate this.

The first one is clearly a home recording of BBC radio sessions and the music is joined by the wonders of 'radio' noise. That said, I reckon any self respecting Hawkwind fan may well have a copy of this somewhere, for the sake of completeness if nothing else. Don't get me wrong, it is quite listenable, it's just that there is a considerable amount of far better material around, more about later. Audio quality - Average, listenable

Part One:

BBC Radio One Sessions 1970-71

John Peel Intro
See It As You Really Are
I Do It
Hurry On Sundown
See It As You Really Are
Master of the Universe
You Know You're Only Dreaming
You Shouldn't Do That.

Then we have the demo recordings. Now as you know, there are a variety of sources for demo's, it may be one member of the band doing his guide vocals over a guitar or piano for the band to build on. Or it's the full ensemble trying out ideas in the studio and of course anything in between.

Although this is described as the Quark demo's, I am not certain all of it is. Some appears to be studio doodling (if there is such a thing, if not you heard it here first), and some is more rehearsal sounding, whatever it's a must for Hawkwind fans and another part of the jigsaw. The copy I have declares the recording is remastered, I will leave it to you to figure that one out. Audio quality - Good, it's a demo!

Part Two:

Quark Demos (remastered)

Instrumental 1
Damnation Alley 1
Damnation Alley 2
Damnation Alley 3
Spirit of the Age
Days of the Underground
Fable of a Failed Race
Hassan I Sahba
Forge of the Vulcan
Instrumental 2
Instrumental 3

Finally of course there are the live concert recordings. I cannot count the times the term Soundboard is used, when clearly it is an off air recording. FM stereo recordings can often be better than direct soundboard copies as the processing, mixing and means of recording may be superior. Getting it from the soundboard however suggests an inside job, 'being in the know' and so forth. Don't get me wrong sometimes the recording is sensational and the good thing is unless the audience riots you can be sure the quality is going to be pretty good.

This recording was made from the sound desk by a roadie and is remarkably good despite the fact it was straight onto a EMI cassette tape & don't forget in 1980 cassette tapes were pretty hissy affairs. OK it's been cleaned up and is really worth hearing. Audio Quality - Very Good Stereo Soundboard.

Part Three:

Hawkwind Live - Glasgow Apollo - 21-10-1980

Motorway City
Death Trap
Shot Down in the Night
Spirit of the Age
World of Tiers
5th Second Forever
Dust of Time
Space Chase
PSI Power
Drum solo
Brainstorm reprise
Silver Machine
Master of the Universe

OK Beehive Candy's lecture on boots and all now concludes, I feel better for it, apologies to all of you who do not.

Now as alluded to earlier there is a very fine website for all Hawkwind fans. The even better news is that Hawkwind (along with many other enlightened artists elsewhere) have formally allowed any non commercially released Hawkwind material to be shared there. Therefore this will be my first and last share of Hawkwind 'stuff' here as you can go and get it all over there!

The Hawkwind Bootleg Emporium is HERE.

Download links (three) in comments below.


Beehive Candy said…
Hawkwind Downloads - enjoy and support the band.

Part One: BBC Session 1970-71

Link: http://www.mediafire.com/download/y1lcaalc8h6r5t6/N21HRS70-0515.7z

Password: 05newup019

Part Two: Quark Demo's

Link: http://www.mediafire.com/download/ncuxigpaj4wu3cb/N23HQD77-0515.7z

Password: 05newup021

Part Three: Glasgow Apollo 1980

Link: http://www.mediafire.com/download/xypupfzxgvin6pd/N22HGA80-0515.7z

Password: 05newup020


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A very big Thank You for this! ^v^