Sundays Alternative Take

Nite School Klik - the new single from DJ Shadow's recently revealed duo with G Jones- Nite School Klik. Off their upcoming self-titled EP out June 9. Never had a nice nightmare, this may well be the musical antidote.


Chris Savor is a singer and producer from UK, roaming NYC creating soulful electronic music. He has some great tracks coming up with Honey Butter and spctra in the next few weeks. Intrigued and drawn in, the vocals are out there and somehow captivating.


Minotawr has been stretching audio boundaries for some time. When your ears are weary of the safe side of music, when you are struggling to find a real alternative Minotawr offers you a challenging escape. Website HERE. New album just released.


Chicago-based bass producer Stratus has just unleashed “The Collider,” a fiery big room/progressive house tour de force that marks his second single of 2015. It's almost symphonic at times and quirky in a nice way at others. Dare I mention 'prog rock' as well, probably not but there you go, stunning!


Anonymous said…
Mike, loved this site before, but now... Now... there is nothing else quite like this in my experience (and I'm everywhere). Thank you so much for a one-of-a-kind music experience! ^-^