Sundays Alternative Take - Synths and Fine Vocals

River Tiber - When The Time Is Right.

Background - Toronto multi-instrumentalist, producer and vocalist River Tiber has shared When The Time Is Right, his first release since 2013's debut EP The Star Falls. Dummy Mag has a stream of the five song alt R&B gem ahead of its September 16 release and following track features from Complex and The Fader. River Tiber - real name Tommy Paxton-Beesley - captured a flurry of attention earlier this year when Drake's Polaris Music Prize Short Listed If You're Reading This It's Too Late standout "No Tellin'" prominently sampled his then-unreleased "No Talk."

Most recently River Tiber was named one of three Canadian entrants to Red Bull Music Academy Paris 2015. RBMA said this of the future star: "As River Tiber, singer/multi-instrumentalist and producer Tommy Paxton-Beesley is unafraid to push his love for R&B and hip hop production into unusual places: pitching his vocals to sound like Mariah Carey, multitracking his voice into a dozen ghost choruses, and narrowing the gap in the soul spectrum between Jodeci and Flying Lotus."

The EP's title track is down tempo and cleverly layered, vocals drift above the soundtrack, rarely dominating, but always an essential part of the number.


Oshan - Dafty (feat. Krue).

Background - Oshan has a colorful visual aesthetic combined with the sound of swinging future bass. His first original, "Pusheen", endorsed by Diplo's BBC Radio 1 show, crushed the world over and demanded attention by introducing himself as an artist to watch. Now Oshan returns in a big way with his single "Dafty", featuring vocals from Hamburg based Krue, and mixed and mastered by legend and studio partner of Flume, Naderi.

Already receiving a lot of attention 'Dafty' is a juxtaposition between Krue's talented vocals and the almost quirky musical beginning that finally settles into a charming soundtrack.


Eons - Molecule (from the EP Serene Machine).

Background - After the release of their EP Serene Machine, which catapulted Eons to the ranks of dream-pop/dreamwave aurality with a sound self-described as, “a moody but slick brand of synth pop,” the Miami-based synth-pop duo release their highly anticipated music video for single “Like A Dream” directed by Claudia La Bianca.

Similar to the EP Serene Machine, “Like A Dream” exudes a plethora of nostalgic 80’s homages and lush soundscapes along with ethereal vocals and pulsating synthesisers. The music video illustrates a once-lovestruck couple experiencing separation while simultaneously reflecting on past memories. The video, directed and animated by Claudia La Bianca, echoes the fantastical nature of the song’s production and sentiment with vivid visuals and out-of-this-world animation.

OK so the video for 'Like A Dream' is featured over on our BeeVids page, and for an additional taste of the band, we have 'Molecule' (from the EP). Finely produced synth pop, with that timeless feel, this band spoil us with really enjoyable music.


Remmi X CAPPA - Killin It / Star Spangled (Foldy Mashup Mix).

Background - Nashville electronic/pop artists CAPPA and REMMI, along with producer Foldy, have collaborated on a mash-up of the pair's two tracks, "Killin It" and "Star Spangled."

This collaboration is a result of each artist's involvement in MTV's Scream. After each track was featured in the same Scream episode, REMMI contacted fellow Nashville artist CAPPA, pulled in producer Foldy, and the three of them created this end of summer anthem. CAPPA’s “Killin It” was released as a single from her debut self-titled EP on May 26th. REMMI’s “Star Spangled” was released as a single back in May..

Both artists have been praised within the Nashville music scene, but as far as advancing the Nashville Pop scene globally, REMMI says, “Nashville Pop has been around for awhile. Folks like Katie Herzig, Amy Stroup, Madi Diaz have been putting out really catchy, synthy records for the last 5 years at least. They've paved the way for this next generation of Nashville Pop artists to come along and branch out into more experimental, electronic-leaning sounds. I don't want people to hear our music and say, wow that's so different for Nashville. I want them to say that it's different for anywhere. Artists here like CAPPA, Super Duper, KiND... we are growing a scene that is full of artists who would be good anywhere. And that's what excites me about the Nashville music scene."

This just works so very, very well. It's one of those tracks when I could list superlatives, however I just say give it a listen, it promotes itself.