Wednesday Double: Mind The Journey - Angela Burns

Mind The Journey - Rose Colored Glasses.

Background promo - Raised on a tranquilising shoreline in Connecticut, Spencer Sabo spent his youth learning the drum set, making crazy films with his brother, and exploring his creativity. In high school Spencer found like minded peers and started playing drums in a band. Here he began his journey of learning the ins and outs of audio production, recording and mixing the songs they created. It wasn't until the age of 17, when Spencer began experimenting with an old keyboard, that Mind The Journey was born. He made sure that what was in his head was the exact way his creation came out.

This lead to Spencer releasing his first dreamy 8 song EP, of which gained buzz both on line and locally, with him playing shows in the New England area. Years later in Boston, a now almost-man and adrift introvert, Mr. Sabo is releasing his first 12 track album, entitled Colour In The Gray Machine, which was entirely created in his makeshift basement studio. Release date: January 5th, 2016.

'Rose Colored Glasses' quickly builds into a psychedelic maelstrom, before cooling off into a gentler synth and vocals piece. It's the sixth of twelve tracks on this intriguing album. There's a mixture of psychedelic rock (and pop) that at times seem to be suppressing the desire to break out into drum and bass. Original ideas meet retro styles, that make for a pretty cool album.


Angela Burns - All Together.

Background promo - Raised in the suburbs of Austin, Texas, Angela grew up listening to 90s grunge, pop-punk, and post-grunge bands circa 2000s. Her biggest aspiration being acting, she wrote her first song at age 9 and began playing drums in a band with her two sisters, Kathryn and Carolyn. After working as an actress and playing local shows in Austin, she graduated early from high school and subsequently relocated to Los Angeles with the goal of seeking out more opportunities as an actress and musician.

A multi-talented and surprisingly experienced 21-year-old, her work can be seen behind the scenes in film (Richard Linklater's "Boyhood", Robert Rodriguez' "Sin City 2"), in front of the camera, and on her first musical effort,  "So That You Can Feel Better". Her uniquely dark and emotive take on the genres is largely a result of her punk and underground rock leanings, and can be heard on a new eight track mix tape HERE.

'All Together' is the first of the eight tracks, and makes as good a starting point as any. Angela's music certainly demonstrates her punk and underground leanings, but those genres don't dominate the music, and she certainly puts her own style and ideas at the forefront. There's a link above to hear all eight songs, if you like the featured one, your in for a very pleasant surprise.