Monday Double Up: George Guy - Jacob Moore

George Guy - Just Memories.

Background from George - Hi, my name is George Guy and I am a music producer / songwriter /dreamer based out of New York City. I have been involved in music for a long time - honing my creative skill set over the last eight years.

Music plays a very important role in my life; it is not just a form of entertainment for me. My connection with music is somewhat spiritual; it provides me with a medium to transport myself to places and times I envision. It is my own form of meditation. Music is the soundtrack of my life.

I have big dreams of where music can take me and I am confident that music will continue to play a key role in my life. As those dreams unfold, I want to continue to write/produce songs that are timeless and memorable. I spend inordinate amounts of time and effort, writing and producing songs that can stand above all the clutter of songs that constantly bombard the airwaves.

I hope my passion and dedication to my craft is evident in the quality of songs I create. There's always room for me to grow as an artist but I am confident that at any point in time, I am at my best as a producer/songwriter. I am also humbled because I know my best work as an artist is always ahead of me.

OK so a little bit of poetic licence, the above words are actually from the bio on George Guy's website. However we did receive something along these lines from George, it's just that the above goes a little deeper. 'Just Memories' is a finely crafted song, with great production and a whole load of catchy hooks. With an attitude that the best work is still ahead of you, high standards have already been set!


Jacob Moore - Something In The Water.

Background promo - Lifting the lid on his debut solo project in February this year, Sydney artist Jacob Moore takes another huge step into the light with his new track ‘Something in the Water’.

After years of writing, performing and producing for a myriad of acts Jacob has developed a unique knack for crafting classic pop tunes with a modern twist. Building from a bed of 50s-60s inspired soul and blues, JM uses his creative prowess and stunning vocal delivery to teleport his music into the now, holding his own as a throwback artist and as a contemporary.

Produced by Jack Prest (Flume, The Preatures, Action Bronson) ‘Something in the Water’ may deceive as it introduces itself with articulate vocal harmonies like that of a barber shop quartet. As the song grows however, new elements are introduced, from RnB to psych and subtle hints of electro-pop. The result is a powerful anthem of soaring energy, with massive dynamic swells all held in place by Jacob's unique vocal timbre.

This is a cool refreshing song. With solid foundations set decades ago, 'Something In The Water' manages to travel through varying styles and ideas, indeed the expression that it 'teleports' as mentioned above, is a far better description than anything I have been able to come up with. For me a sign of a good song, is when it finishes before you are expecting it, that's the trouble with teleporters I guess.