Quality Not Quantity: Adult Future - Jen Baron - Carey Ott

Adult Future - The Leaf House.

Background from the band - We made a record about you. Yes, you read that right. In a time of disconnect and increased alienation of the individual, the band wanted to make a record that emphasised the singular stories that we all have and share as human beings. What personal story was life-changing for you? How would it come to shape and refine you? What would make your lead headline? Your front page?

All of the songs on this record were inspired by personal stories and were utilised as a method to reconcile those feelings of estrangement. It was an attempt to bridge those feelings of isolation that seemingly contradicts a shared environment where people are literally living on top of each other. Drug abuse, mental and physical illness, violence and love – all of these things impact us individually, but when seen as an amalgamation – is the totality of human history. So, we’re here. And we’ll continue to listen to your stories because they inspire us. Thank you for being our muse. Full album releases on September 30th.

'The Leaf House' is a rich alt rock song, with thoughtful lyrics and enough grit and energy to stand out. It's my introduction to the band and a fine one at that. Find out more about Adult Future on their website here.


Jen Baron - 'Til I've Got You.

Background - Jen Baron is a songwriter and producer from Santa Barbara, CA. Her work can be seen in multiple films including Sharon Stone's, Femme. She has worked with some of the industry's top song writers. 

She is also the Executive Director of Girls Rock SB, a non-profit organisation that empowers girls through music education, creative expression and performance. More about Girls Rock here.

This song was written and produced by songwriter Jen Baron and sang by recording artist Sophie Rose for the demo

'Til I've Got You' suggests that Jen Baron has a very natural flair for writing intimate and intriguing songs. The production brings the best out of the musicians and vocalist, giving the song that little extra edge. It's also provides me with an opportunity to mention Girls Rock (link above), which is a pleasure.


Carey Ott - Nocona (High Hangin' On A Limb).

Background - Nashville singer-songwriter Carey Ott has just dropped his new album Nocona, which follows up the acclaimed Lucid Dream (released by Dualtone Music), 2010’s Human Heart and 2012’s Muddy Water. The album features contributions by a group of Nashville friends and stalwarts that includes Will Kimbrough, Cage The Elephant co-founder Lincoln Parish and Dualtone recording artist Rebecca Roubion.

Ott, who grew up in Ottawa, Illinois, moved to nearby Chicago in the mid-90s where he fronted the band Torben Floor. The group recorded albums with esteemed engineers Steve Albini and Brian Deck and toured nationally before calling it quits in 1999. The breakup allowed Ott to concentrate on his solo career, which found him relocating to Nashville, and has yielded the Uncut Magazine-acclaimed 2006 album Lucid Dream (released by Dualtone Music), 2010’s PopMatters recommended Human Heart and 2012’s Muddy Water, which WRLT radio described as "a landscape of musical soul, grit and passion."

Ott’s songs have been featured in episodes of Grey’s Anatomy, Private Practice and The Gates, as well as the feature films The Killing of John Lennon and 37. Other commercial placements include ads for Coors Light, Piraeus Bank and Burton Snowboards.

Nocona (No-koh-nah), a Comanche word meaning “The Wanderer,” refers both to a small town in Texas and a song that Ott co-wrote with fellow Nashville musician Ryan Culwell, who was actually born in Nocona, Texas, a town which Ott has never visited but feels a spiritual connection to.

Carey Ott’s Nocona, an album inspired by a sleepy North Texas town of barely 3,000 people, is a collection of ten songs – co-produced with Neilson Hubbard – that play like a roadmap through an amalgamation of emotions and themes. Opening track “Nocona (High Hangin’ on a Limb)” (which has already received airplay on Lightning 100, Nashville’s Independent Radio) explores leaving small towns for big dreams; “Til the Well Runs Dry” is a lighthearted and fun song about lust; “Cosmic Joke” asks listeners to learn to laugh, love and live without taking life too seriously; “Speed of Love” is about healing and slowing down enough to appreciate the good that’s all around us; “We Are a Circle” talks about the eternal thread of love that connects all of us.

'Nocona (High Hangin' On A Limb)' is the first of ten tracks on the recently released album. It's a good representation of what is a high quality selection, of Americana and alt rock songs. Carey's music does not follow any one format, the one consistent feature for me are his vocals, the rest is left to discover, song by song.