Mood Mixer: Allie & Ivy - TwinFin - Real Numbers - Dark Mean

Allie & Ivy - Best Friends.

Background promo - Best Friends is the latest summer party jam from Sydney electropop singer-songwriter, Aleisha (Allie) Conlay who goes by the musical pseudonym, Allie & Ivy.

"This song is my 'happy place',” says Allie. “It’s about those summer days spent drinking in the sun at pool parties with your best friends – the days when it feels like you don't have a care in the world. I wrote Best Friends when I was living in an epic sharehouse that had a pool and a jacuzzi, and that’s literally what we did all summer. It was one of the happiest times of my life.”

A cocktail of hook-driven melodies, bright synths and energetic beats infused with infectious group vocals and the carefree spirit of youth, Best Friends is an escape from all your worries.

Allie & Ivy is indie electropop singer-songwriter Aleisha (Allie) Conlay, from the sunny northern beaches of Sydney, Australia. Writing songs since the age of 11 and picking up the guitar at 14, Allie was schooled in music at a very young age by her father, a guitarist and record collector from London with a passion for 60s music.

Having developed a deep infatuation with The Beatles at age 11, Allie had dreams to one day front an all-girl rock band called The Ladybeetles but unfortunately never managed to find her Paul, George or Ringo. Not one to let that get in the way of her plans, Allie conjured up alter ego Ivy, giving her the comradeship, confidence and support a real band couldn’t.

Allie & Ivy’s fresh sound and penchant for catchy hooks and infectious melodies have gained accolades both in Australia and internationally with success in the International Songwriting Competition (2015) and the Unsigned Only Music Competition (2016 & 2015). Facebook here. also on Itunes.

Imagine a bright sunny day, clear skies and just a gentle breeze. Oh and to add to the pain, it's your week off and it's a choice between a cool drink or a swim, or both, with more fun to come. 'Best Friends' would have to be the song for that week, and some...


TwinFin - Jungle Room.

Background - Twin-Fin's high-energy music has topped national jazz and blues radio airplay charts (since March of 2016). Their swingin' songs have been streamed more than 3 million times in wildly popular viral videos. They have performed for raucous and rollicking swingabilly audiences from London Music Hall to the East End Rockabilly Riot and Rockabilly Shake Up.

Now, London, Ontario-based rockabilly-swing, blues and jazz band, Twin-Fin and Infinite Entertainment Group are happy to announce the September 18, 2016  worldwide release of the band's debut album, Whiskey Wine and Venom Love. The album features 10 original songs of gin-soaked deception, debauchery, and determination, including the band's #1 radio hits, "Straight Six and Four on the Floor" and "Jungle Room." Whiskey Wine and Venom Love was produced, recorded and engineered by Cole G. Benjamin, at Higher Ground Sound and mastered by Juno Award Winner, Dan Brodbeck.

Twin-Fin is: Dana MacCabe: Vocals, Guitar Cole G Benjamin: Vocals, Saxophone Paul Wickerson: Guitar, Vocals Eric Roelofsen: Upright Bass, Vocals Brad Ondrovcik: Drums.

Twin-Fin is high energy Swing, Rockabilly, Blues and Jazz. Based in London, Ontario, this 5-piece band loves to perform original songs along with repertoire by Janis Martin, Louis Prima, Brian Setzer, and Tarantino soundtracks to keep the shows jumpin'. Website here.

'Jungle Room' is a vibrant energised swingin' song, that demands a little foot tapping at the very least. The video concentrates on their natural live flair, and the hooks are everywhere!


Real Numbers - Frank Infatuation.

Background -  Wordless Wonder is the long awaited full length from Real Numbers.  It follows up a pair of 12" EPs on Three Dimensional Records, a single on Florida's Dying, and recent appearances on cassettes from Forged Artifacts and No Problem. Tenderly crafted by Matt Castore at his St. Paul, MN studio A Harder Commune from late 2015 to early 2016, it is presented here on Slumberland Records for your enjoyment.

Members of the band include Eli Hansen (Cozy, Boys Club, Retainers) on vocals and guitars, John Eggerman (Cozy, Private Interests, Mystery Date) on bass, and James Blackfield (France Camp, Nice Purse) on drums. The addition of full time lead guitar player Ian Nygaard (Nice Purse, Howler) reveals a much fuller sound while maintaining the band's trademark DIY simplicity.

 Real Numbers made their debut East coast rounds last summer and are planning a return trip in September.  Previous jaunts have consisted of Gonerfest (2011), SXSW (2013), UK/Europe (2010 & 2011) and Japan (2013 & 2014).  An Australian tour in 2013 yielded such tremendous opportunities as lawn bowling with The Stevens, performing live on FBI Radio, crashing at Gooch Manor, and having Shorty and Joe from Royal Headache fill in on drums and guitar.

Wordless Wonder will be released by Slumberland records on October 14, 2016.

'Frank Infatuation' typifies the timeless feel of the forthcoming album. The band come across to me as content with a back to basics approach, where adding a twelve string guitar or wind organ is more than enough excess. I have to say the approach works, their focus on each song and ensuring the core sound is right and production crisp, leaves us with a straight down the line rock'n'roll album mixing indie with new wave vibes, and their own unique and forcefull sound.


Dark Mean - Settle Down.

Background from the band - For the past year we've been quietly chipping away in the studio. We've focused our spontaneous fits of inspiration, normally captured on cell phones and wired between Ottawa and Hamilton, into something concrete. Our new song  'Settle Down' is the first to come from these new sessions.

Years of struggle and extended hiatuses are nothing new for us. That’s how we've always operated. Incessant file sharing and e-mails, frustrating Skype calls, relentless attention to detail, and the odd show amidst chaotic life schedules, are just a few ways we've not only hung together, but they've made it possible for us to keep releasing music. A focus on the music that could only come from a group of guys with no time for dilly-dallying.

'Settle Down' has a raw feel to it, as the song slowly builds, and draws the listener in. There is a lofi vibe to the song, where emotion takes centre stage, and it works.