Sunday Best: Field Music - Begbie - Era Isabel - Mt. Wolf

Field Music - How We Going To Get There Now.

Background promo - The Brewis boys - David and Peter - released their sixth album Commontime earlier this year as Field Music, and celebrated the influences on the album via their Commontime Radio Time show on Spotify.

Ahead of the latest episode Commontime Extra-Time, the brothers have treated us to a brand new track in the shape of previously unheard "How We Gonna Get There Now". Word is that Field Music set this track aside during the recording sessions for 2012's Plumb because it sounded a little too much like Todd Rundgren, which is a fairly understandable decision.

However with the focus of the extra-time episode being Field Music's favorite b-sides, demos and bonus tracks, we now get to hear this unreleased gem alongside deep cuts from Fairport Convention, Diana Ross and The Rutles. "How We Gonna Get There Now" is every bit the jazzy 70s jam; once the twinkling piano opening subsides we get a song filled with muscular drumming, tight and energetic guitar work and of course the trademark Brewis brothers harmonies. Why this was left on the recording studio floor is anyone's guess, but now that it has been rescued it's plain to hear the song is two-and-a-half-minutes of pop brilliance.

With a gently building musical introduction 'How We Going To Get There Now' develops into a smooth alt rock song, with a hint of Steely Dan here and there (which for me can only be good). This is a fine song, my only complaint would be that it finishes to soon!


Begbie - Bottles On The Floor.

Background - Newcomer Begbie offers listeners a first listen to his bedroom psychedelia project with 3-track EP, Riddles. First single from the release is ‘Bottles on the Floor’, a contemplation on the use of psychedelics as a route to self-growth.

After performing for years in various different bands and musical acts, Josh Begbie moved in with a close, life-long friend and musical collaborator of his. Over the six, broke months that he lived there, Begbie worked on creating beat-driven, psychedelic tunes that eventuated into his first release, Riddles. This EP was written and recorded in his bedroom, in isolation, and was produced entirely by himself.

The EP is a composition of verbally inexpressible ideas or feelings that Begbie has had throughout his life, and he holds it close to his heart because of the amount of passion and time that was put into it, regardless of the fact that it stylistically strays from his usual pieces of music. With the overwhelmingly positive feedback that he has received about his EP, Begbie has seen a huge rise in motivation, resulting in the creation of a collection of new tracks to be performed and released in the future. “Riddles” EP by BEGBIE will be released 23rd of September 2016.

Newcomer he may be, however Begbie's song 'Bottles On The Floor' has an established and mature feel to it. Production is crisp and the music just right for his impressive and imaginative vocal style.


Era Isabel - lovelovelove.

Background - ”Music is what gives me room to blossom as a human being. By the sounds coming through me I am given a chance to heal and to be healed, my chance to make a difference in this time, on this planet.”

”lovelovelove” is the latest single from Era Isabels upcoming ep; DNA360. The single is a RnB-ballad with an unusual beat. It’s recorded in Lab259’s studio and produced by Ludvig Larsson. (Lab259 - 9 September 2016).

The delightful vocals of Era Isabel are given plenty of room to shine through above a synth laden backdrop. The song 'lovelovelove' is a breezy pop number, full of melodic hooks, and sensitively produced to a high standard.


Mt. Wolf - Golden (feat. St. South).

Background - London’s Mt. Wolf today return with a stand out single in “Golden”, which features the intimate vocals of hotly-tipped Australian vocalist St. South. Her leftfield pop stylings compliment the atmospheric electro-acoustic instrumentation on a brooding track that bridges the gap between this year’s critically acclaimed Hex EP and a long awaited debut album coming early 2017. The road up to now has been nothing if not eventful – including a line-up change, sell-out shows across Europe and the US, a brief hiatus last year that only invigorated the band and significant, ongoing critical support. Getting to this point hasn’t been easy but the feeling is that the real rewards, for the band and for us the listeners, are still to come.

Mt. Wolf’s producer / frontman Sebastian Fox “Bassi” says of the collaboration with St. South, who like Mt. Wolf has had considerable blog support over the last couple of years: "We discovered her through Spotify, and asked straight out if she wanted to work on some music together.  We sent her Stevie's guitar part and she laid her vocals on that, explaining that it was about struggling with anxiety. I then started producing the track and added vocals making the song a dialogue between one person expressing their anxiety, and the other apologising for their part in causing it, and their inability to diminish it."

Since this year’s comeback EP the band have kept busy writing and recording for their as yet untitled debut LP with Ken Thomas (Sigur Ros, M83, Daughter). Early listens confirm this as their boldest, most ambitious output yet; you can hear for yourself as album material and hotly anticipated new live dates start to surface later this year.

'Golden' is a beautiful collaboration with the vocal interchanges and harmonies quite breath taking. The background is understated enough for the vocals and powerful enough to add considerable atmosphere to this delightful song.