Monday Mix: T. Ailey - The Blinding Lights - Darker Still

T. Ailey - It Goes.

Background - Introducing T. Ailey, a new vocal talent from Phoenix with a penchant for ethereal, other-worldly music. Her new single, "It Goes," out now on all streaming platforms, is proof positive of a uniquely talented songwriting and performing voice that draws on myriad influences for music that is equal parts familiar and original.

For best results, make sure to listen on a stereo system or quality headphones, the panning in this track makes this a 3D listening experience.

As she says's - I create with the intention to elicit deep emotion. There is much to be born from Inspiration as well as devastation. Feeling something is always better than feeling nothing at all. Website here.

Regardless of the 3D listening experience mentioned above, 'It Goes' is a creative and intriguing song. Vocally it's delightful and the rhythmic background that's kept low in the mix throughout, is just enough to take this from a pure acapella piece into something with more depth. Either way it's one hook laden piece.


The Blinding Lights - Can't Get Enough.

Background - Channelling the sounds from some of the greatest eras of raw rock’n’roll and untamed pop, The Blinding Lights have poured their hearts into the exhilarating new single "Can’t Get Enough."

The four-piece may have been growing up a good half-century after the R’n’R explosion but they have embraced all that came before them, distilling the spirit, energy and excitement of the maximum R&B of the 60s, delicious pop hooks and the panoramic drama of Springsteen into their sound.

"Can't Get Enough" plots the tale of a young guy who gets a late night call from his amorous girlfriend summoning him to her place and, after a bus ride over, chronicles their encounter, describing how he is put through his paces to satisfy her throughout a night of raging passion. Wild, urgent and self-deprecating, it’s an electifying ride. And rather like the hot-blooded man in question, you probably can't get enough.

Written in early 2016 by bandleader Callum Lury, the track came about as he gorged on the songs of songwriter-producer Jim Steinman (the man behind Bat Out Of Hell and so much more), plus The Wild, The Innocent & The E Street Shuffle-era Springsteen. Playing around with riffs which would not have been out of place in the golden era of Motown, and shaking it up with a top layer of Steinman-style piano lines, he took it to the rest of the band who worked it up into a frantic rumbling rhythm & blues number, given a further flourish with a horn arrangement to drive it along. Website here.

With a smooth bass riff and upfront vocals 'Can't Get Enough' immediately blasts into action. It's only the lack of vinyl crackles and the sonic clarity, that gives away the fact that this is a modern piece. Beyond that, this could be a sixties recording. Far from being a nostalgia trip, the band have simply tapped into the energy and vibrancy of pure rock'n'roll, giving it some modern edge and relevance. Love it!


Darker Still - Never Too Late.

Background - Rock is back, and it arrives with Darker Still. This gritty, knuckle grinding, powerhouse rock band shows us all why drums, bass, and a guitar is still the best way to kick ass and do it while looking good. Tony, Patrick, and Quinn somehow manage to feature all sides of rock in just a few short songs. Instantly catchy and unique, their music is wound around basslines that would make John Entwistle tap his foot. 

Throw on a soaring, raspy vocalist and killerguitar riffs, each song carves its way into your mind and reminds you why rock remains supreme. Currently sitting at #8 on the Canadian Rock Charts on Reverbnation. "I Had It All" has been #1 on the Global Rock Charts on NumberOnemusic for 19 straight weeks and #1 All Genres for 16 straight weeks. "Could There Be" was the most requested song of the day and number 4 on the weekend countdown. "I Had It All" is in rotation coas to coast on American radio stations and in Australia, UK, Ireland, Spain, and Canada.

Listeners online have streamed over 170,000 song plays just this year. Word is spreading about this "modern rock band with a sound that mirrors some [of the] greats (Canada's Music, 2015)." After placing 6th in Canada in Hardrock Rising, Darker Still performed at the Hardrock Cafe in Toronto. Inthe International Songwriting Competition, the band's song "I Had It All " placed in the semifinals forbest rock song. They were in an issue of Relix Magazine and are on the cd in the magazine with artistssuch as Tame Impala. Darker Still has opened for Zeus and for Jeff Martin. They have been a featured artist on TMB or The Music Box, as requested by fans. Darker Still was then included on the compilation CD that was distributed to The Music Box subscribers in December 2015.

“Never Too Late" is a single off their new self titled EP “Darker Still” that is scheduled for worldwide release on November 15th. It is currently in the top 10 on the DRT Rock National Airplay Chart and the EP is currently enjoying radio play on college stations nationwide. More here.

Darker Still produce and perform, down the line rock songs, that could have been recorded anytime during the past few decades. 'Never Too Late' is one of them. What I like is the fact they are not pretending to be anything other than a rock band, that loves writing, recording and playing rock songs. It's because their heart is in it, and for them it matters, that gives the band and their songs some real edge.