Triple Treasure: Satellite Mode - Taylor Noelle - Oparu

Satellite Mode - Warm Fire Lightning.

Background - Continuing their momentum of clock-work single releases throughout 2016, "Warm Fire Lightening" is Satellite Mode’s most gritty, rock influenced track to date. The song’s production is based around a loosely tuned Rickenbacker guitar riff, coupled with psychedelic synth loops and naked, one take, vocal melodies.

With a soundscape inspired by the NYC noise pollution relentlessly carrying on outside producer Alex Marko’s home studio, the track’s lyrics recount the all familiar tale of the ambiguous dating scene in a busy city where games are played and truth, love and serendipity all come into play.

The track was written and recorded in Alex’s closet sized NYC apartment and mixed in Berlin by the talented Damian Press. Founded in New York City, Satellite Mode is composed of artists Jess Carvo (Vocals) and Alex Marko (Production / Instrumentation).  The duo has become most known for their blend of haunting vocals with electronic textures and pop-inspired melodies.

The duo began the project as ghostwriters for various recording artists, but months into their new project, life changed drastically with a sudden tragedy in Jess’ family. The band’s work began to reflect these life-altering developments, as did their songwriting dynamic, intensity and purpose.  During this season of immense change, their collaboration was now personal and their songs were no longer targeted to other artists, but released under their current moniker. 

Throughout their short history, Satellite Mode’s songs have been featured in top music publications and have charted on Spotify’s Viral charts (including U.S. top 10) and have over 1.5 million listens across global streaming platforms. Facebook here.

Live Date: 12/02 - Mercury Lounge - NYC.

'Warm Fire Lightning' combines addictive vocals and some highly defined alt rock sounds. The play again hooks dig deep with this one.


Taylor Noelle - I Fall.

Background - Taylor Noelle is a 20-year-old pop singer/songwriter born and raised in Los Angeles. She moved to Nashville a few years ago for her senior year of high school. She immediately loved the city so much that she decided to stay in the area for college, and began school at Belmont University to study music business. Taylor counts a range of artists among her inspirations, including Fleetwood Mac, Tori Kelly, HAIM, Alabama Shakes, Sara Bareilles, and Adele -- all influencing Taylor's unique brand of pop music rooted in emotional honesty, with ear-catching hooks and soulful delivery.

Shortly after joining Nashville's vibrant music community, Taylor started connecting with local artists and began honing her craft. In her time in Nashville, she has had the opportunity to play at esteemed local venues such as The Listening Room, 3rd & Lindsley, The Country, Café Coco and at the legendary Bluebird Cafe. Taylor decided to follow her own path and worked on original material, eager to release something that would feel authentic to her and her listeners.

Produced by Andrew Conner, her debut EP Out of My System is set to release on November 25th. She explains, "The EP's title reflects how it even came about -- I had all these songs that meant a whole lot to me that I just needed to get 'out of my system' and into the world. My vision is that there are people out there who can hear these songs about my pain and my joy and connect them to their own lives. I use songwriting to process my feelings, and I hope that my songs can help other people to do the same."

She will celebrate the launch of her debut EP on December 4th at The End in Nashville. Next spring, Taylor will then take off for London to explore new horizons and hopefully conquer new hearts with her distinctive sound. Facebook here.

'I Fall' is one of four songs on the new EP. It's a little more laid back than the other songs, however it's equally melodic and refined. Taylor delivers quality pop songs with Nashville influences and has a natural and pleasing voice for the style.


Oparu - Remember Me.

Background - Oparu is the musical endeavor of Los Angeles based songwriter, singer and actress Dianna St. Hilaire. Oparu’s music can be described as future electro with a dark ethereal undertone. Combined with dream-like operatic vocals, Oparu’s work creates a unique depiction of modern pop culture.

Originally from Albuquerque, New Mexico, St. Hilaire started to write and perform music at a very young age in choir and musicals. Self taught, her first instrument was the piano and she worked tirelessly at the craft of reading and writing music. When St. Hilaire was in her late teens she began performing with punk bands and for producers as a back up/ studio vocalist in New Mexico, where she took on her first musical alias, the highly successful group Versailles. Partnering with the infamous Kim Fowley (The Runaways, Kiss, Joan Jett, Alice Cooper), she has toured the US extensively, been featured on the official Grammy ballots, as well as charting on Billboard. Versailles’s music was also on rotation with popular stations across the U.S. including KROQ and NPR tastemaker KCRW.

St. Hilaire reinvented herself in late 2015 with the new project Oparu, deriving from the Japanese name of the birthstone opal. Oparu’s roots stem from experimental electronic, 80s synth pop, and alternative rock.  “The music represents pure animalistic human emotion”, St. Hilaire confesses, “It epitomises what it is like to be human by transcending the human experience with self discovery and acceptance of who we are on an emotional level.”  Influences can be found throughout the record including the likes of Mt. Eden, Lindsey Stirling, director David Lynch, American Horror Story, and Zola Jesus.

Oparu’s debut single ‘Remember Me’ is a stunning fusion of haunting pop, paired with operatic vocals and dark experimental electro. The theme of her music is raw emotion, "everything leads back to this in life. It is our human nature. People can’t handle coming face to face with their emotions and insecurities and therefor have a polarising experience with my music.” she reveals. The next chapter in Oparu’s musical journey, is the highly anticipated debut single ‘Remember Me’ set for a November 2016 release. Facebook here.

There's something a little anthem like about 'Remember Me'. Add to that the mixture of Dianna's pure vocals and a superbly produced soundtrack and in my opinion you have one really special song.