Fire in the Radio - Sketch Club - Black Dough - Meg Mac - A Victim Of Society - Rosie Carney - Wild Domestic

Fire in the Radio - New Air.

Background - Philadelphia-based Fire in the Radio will release their sophomore album New Air on 16th June via Wednesday Records. The album is the follow-up to their 2015 acclaimed record Telemetry and can be pre-ordered now at Bandcamp. This week the band revealed the official video for "New Air" from the upcoming release. 

Speaking about the video the band says: “’New Air' was written as a response to the current divisive climate in our country.” They add, "It's told from the view of two people struggling to find a way forward in an untenable relationship. As we were conceptualizing the video we wanted something that embodied these concepts. The director, Adam Peditto, helped us settle on the idea that using color would be a unique and compelling way to express this narrative. Thus, throughout the video you see a juxtaposition of red, blue and purple underlying the story of the two main characters. It gives the video this film noir-type quality. Adam and his team beautifully shot these images over two winter days in Philadelphia that included dramatic temperature shifts, strong winds and (as the video depicts) a fairly significant thunder and lighting storm. The result is video that is reflective and haunting, yet hopeful, and perfectly captures what we were trying to convey." 

New Air was recorded with Steve Poponi at Gradwell House studios (Beach Slang, Into It. Over It.) with additional engineering by Angus Cooke. The record was mixed by Jesse Gander (Japandroids, White Lung) and mastered by Alan Douches. Fire in the Radio began work on New Air following significant touring in support of 2015’s Telemetry, which included performances at Gainesville, Florida’s FEST and Montreal’s Pouzza Fest. Bandcamp here, Facebook here.

'New Air' is a formidable, dynamic full throttle blast of  impressive rock'n'roll. The band just crack on and provides us with two and a half minutes of musical fireworks, tremendous!


Sketch Club - Quiet.

Background - With each member hailing from a different hometown, Sketch Club formed in Melbourne in 2009. Experimenting in the early stages, they quickly settled on a song writing method that works best for the indie rock outfit - 3 gentlemen playing music in a room together until something good happens.

Combining brooding reverberated guitars with melodies that play with the part of your brain that likes to hang on a hook, these threads are tightly woven together with a rhythmical groove designed to make you move. With two previous EP's Burn This House and Break Rewind garnering attention and solid support at their live shows, the lads seemed ready to use this energy to begin a new phase of writing and recording.

This space is now filled with new EP Primal Calls & Graceless Falls. Moving away from it's rockier predecessors, this latest offering is a deliberate move towards a more complex and layered soundscape. To achieve this, the lads teamed up with super producer John Lee (Ocean Party, Stonefield, Lost Animal) at Phaedra Studios in Coburg, Melbourne. "We wanted to make a record that had that thing going on where every time you listen to it you find something new to prick your ears up. John nailed the sounds we had in our heads before we started recording, with both his intuitive production & artful mixing.” 

The first single from this inspired time in the studio is "Quiet", a deliciously catchy strut down the street with lyrics that conversely talk about the solace of solitude in a world with too much noise. It's a fresh sound from the trio that oozes pop with a distinctly dark edge. Initially taking form as a dreamy and ethereal track, Lee’s production influence was at its strongest here, with the record quickly knocked into the shape of a punchy indie-rock song. The Primal Calls & Graceless Falls EP by Sketch Club is available in digital stores now. Website here, Facebook here.

'Quiet' is the second of six tracks on 'The Primal Calls & Graceless Falls' EP by Sketch Club. The featured song typifies the bands expansive and flowing alt rock style. The power a rock trio can create is there throughout however the band don't over use this and craft some melody and fine vocals along the way.


Black Dough - Here We Go.

Background - Black Dough was formed in Gothenburg, Sweden back in 2013 – and shortly upon that the four piece recorded their debut EP, ”first punch!”. Since then Black Dough has been playing constantly, visiting clubs and festivals all over the world – from Dublin, Ireland to Rabat, Morocco. 

Sporting a sound hard to define, the experimental unit has been called everything from jazz punk to voodoo rock. With the release of ”Freaky Family”, the band’s new full length album due to May 2017, Miranda Raeder – front person and composer – decides to label it experimental rock. Beautiful, dissonant, heavy and dirty.

The third song from the forthcoming album is ”Here Wo Go”, is out on all digital services now. Black Dough are: Miranda Raeder (vocals, guitars), William Soovik (drums), Elias Hällqvist (bass), Erik Boman (guitars, saxophone, synth, noise). Website here, Facebook here.

There is a slow and commanding rhythm that gives 'Here We Go' a spacious sound as the music increasingly grows in force and presence. All of which is the perfect backdrop for Miranda Raeder's exquisite and imaginative vocals. The song twists and turns with  moments of breathtaking sonic power alongside more measured intrigue.


Meg Mac - Low Blows.

Background - Fresh off the release of her keenly anticipated new single ‘Low Blows’ and announcement of her forthcoming debut album, Australian artist Meg Mac is pleased to announce that she will be returning to the United States this summer to tour.

Kicking off in New York City at iconic venue, Bowery Ballroom, the headlining tour will see the Melbourne based artist tour through major markets like Chicago, make an appearance at Firefly Festival and close out in Los Angeles.

Leading up to the release of her new song, ‘Low Blows’, Meg Mac spent long periods in America writing and touring; performing at major festivals including Governor's Ball, Hangout Fest and Field Trip Festival, tours with Clean Bandit and an inspirational North American ‘Black Messiah’ tour with D’Angelo as well as her own debut sold out shows in NYC and LA. 

Her 2015 self-titled EP garnered critical acclaim in the States. Her track, "Roll Up Your Sleeves" was play listed on stations across America, and featured in the US TV series ‘Girls’ and ‘Grace and Frankie’. 
Recorded in Fort Worth, Texas at the Niles City Sound Studio with additional production at Electric Lady in New York, her new song and title track "Low Blows" premiered exclusively on W Magazine and is a dynamic, soulful, personal exhortation that’s distinctly and unique. Meg Mac’s debut record “Low Blows” is due July 14 via 300 Entertainment. Facebook here, tour dates on Beehive Candy's tour page.

'Low Blows' has already gained some considerable attention, and deservedly so, this is one totally catchy, melodic and vibrant song. The video shares the recording sessions, the music does the rest and with style.


A Victim Of Society - The Quick And The Dead.

Background - "Freaktown" is the sophomore album and lovechild of A Victim Of Society. The sound of rock psychedelia, that the duo used to have, met new band member, Padelis, and his drum kit and together they pushed everything into high gear. 

The result is "Freaktown", eight songs full of psychedelic guitars and primal beats recorded with respect to the bands’ live performance and sound. The album is focused on what happened when the three of them started playing together. 

The songs that they composed are the soundtrack of all the things they talked about and the things they talked about are found in the lyrics of these songs. They worked on electronic beats, drums, guitars and bass synths and turned them into eight living things. 

They played every song live, over and over again, in the same obsessive order, until each one of them was alive and ready to be captured in the studio. "Freaktown" is all of these elements together, locked, in the form the band gave them. Out on LP (incl. cd version) and digital album via Inner Ear. Facebook here, Bandcamp here.

A vigorous and snappy riff signals the band are about to blast into life with 'The Quick And The Dead' a compelling rock song that sustains the high powered performance throughout. Straight down the line, unpretentious rock'n'roll.


Rosie Carney - Your Moon.

Background - The enchanting and powerful new single from the absolutely brilliant Irish songwriter Rosie Carney, which is getting an official release through Akira Records today. 

In Rosie’s words, "Your Moon is a song written about realizing different truths within yourself or within a relationship, and finding meaning in that truth. I wanted to capture the feeling of realizing that, even though at times the circumstances and timing may seem right in things, doesn't necessarily mean that it is what's truly best for you. We spend a lot of time doing things for other people in life, focusing on what's best for someone else, and trying to please people. But sometimes we have to realise what's truly best for ourselves and what would be more beneficial in the bigger picture. It's about being selfish in the best possible way, and not being afraid to put yourself first.”

Rosie writes the kind of music that'll stop you dead in your tracks, and she's proven a deft hand at creating sublime tonal flourishes to compliment her vivid lyrics and enchanting voice, with this one being no exception. Her music tackles difficult themes that recount her personal struggles with anorexia, depression, sexual assault and more, which she pens with disarming honesty (you can read more about that here). Facebook here, tour dates on Beehive Candy's tour page.

Third time around on Beehive Candy for Rosie Carney an artist who consistently impresses with her beautiful music. 'Your Moon' ensures that remains the case, a charming soft and melodious song that is both intimate and moving.


Wild Domestic - New Year, New Me.

Background - Indie/ alt-rock band, Wild Domestic is the brainchild of Matt Carlson. Born in Paraguay, Carlson moved to Charlotte, North Carolina when he was six months old, and it is where he resides to this day. According to Carlson, he knew from a young age that music was his true calling, and according to his family, he has been singing since before he could talk. As a teenager, Carlson began playing an assortment of instruments including guitar, bass, drums and keys, most of which were self-taught. Completely immersed in the arts as a teen, Carlson was involved as an actor in a number of plays and commercials. While attending college, Carlson simultaneously continued his music career. Following stints in several different Charlotte area bands, he made the decision to pursue a solo career and took on the moniker Wild Domestic.

After spending the last few years writing and performing both locally and nationally, Carlson released his self-titled debut EP, Wild Domestic in 2015. The follow up EP, Singular is slated to be released in early 2017. Wild Domestic’s writing, production and performance is a reflection of Carlson’s personal views and voice. His soulful, honest, and sometimes quirky lyrics are underscored by his strong alternative rock background, which is influenced by bands like My Chemical Romance, Fall Out Boy, Talking Heads and Arcade Fire. Wild Domestic connects in a fresh way with a broad and progressive audience. Website here, Facebook here.

We featured Wild Domestic towards the end of last year and 'New Year, New Me' is well worth giving the band another share. The simmering power soon unleashes another impassioned rocker of a song. Vocals are measured and emotive and the band instinctively know when to turn up the heat.