Chloe Foy - The Howlin' Souls - The Vex - Quiet

Chloe Foy - Are We There Yet.

Background - Following live dates this month in support of Jesca Hoop, Chloe Foy returns with "Are We There Yet", the second track to be taken from her forthcoming synonymous EP which will be released on Friday 12th May. Showcasing her talent for skewed, ambitious folk songwriting, The Line Of Best Fit described her first single 'Flaws' as "stunning" in their premiere last week. Folk Radio UK said in their premiere of 'Are We There Yet' that "she has a unique quality, one that can be heard in her vocal delivery and which is heightened by delicate musical arrangements."

Chloe Foy has previously been likened to such artists as Laura Marling and Sharon Van Etten. Her songs are imbued with lyrical and textural inflections evocative of much of the music she loves - taking inspiration as much from neo-classical music as much as wider trends within indie-rock, Chloe’s new EP comprises carefully constructed arrangements that delicately compliment her cryptic lyrics.

Chloe’s last single, ‘In The Middle Of The Night’, received generous support from Steve Lamacq on both his Radio 6 & 2 shows. The single has generated over one million plays on Spotify, being featured on two popular playlists ‘Stress Buster’ and ‘The Most Beautiful Songs in the World’. Facebook here.

Our second feature for Chloe Foy and once again we have a fabulous song. 'Are We There Yet' demonstrates her artistry and finesse, melodic and captivating vocals and a beautifully produced musical arrangement, makes the forthcoming EP something to be excited about.


The Howlin' Souls - Free And Young.

Background - Formed in Downtown Manhattan in 2012, The Howlin' Souls have emerged onto the music scene with a fresh yet classic sound that has been welcomed by critics & fans alike.

Singer-songwriter, Pete Smith has infused his Indiana roots into his songs with raspy and honest vocals and lyrics reminiscent of Petty and Dylan. Pete’s guitar playing is supported by lead guitarist and New York native, Scott Sepe, who lends his nostalgic riffs to the Souls’ sound, pulling from the blues and modern rock standards he mastered as a teenager. The rhythm section is comprised of New England natives, Nate Lang (drums) and Robbie Sokolowsky (bass). Their shared love of classic blues, Motown and R&B offer a humble yet infectious backbeat groove.

The Howlin’ Souls’ collective influence includes British rock greats The Rolling Stones, as well as the blues legends that inspired them - Muddy Waters, Jimmy Reed and the iconic Howlin’ Wolf (whom they honor in their name). Fritz Lang, long time engineer with time at CBGBs, Record Plant NYC, Sigma NYC and others as well as touring with Miles Davis, the Stones, Prince and other icons of music, co-produced the record with songwriter, Pete Smith.

Smith and Sokolowsky self-produce the band’s music videos while Lang has been taking roles in front of the camera, most recently as drummer Carl Tanner in the Oscar nominated film Whiplash. In the Fall of 2016, the band released their first single, “Anyway You Take It.” Their debut self titled EP, The Howlin’ Souls has just been released. Website here, Facebook here.

The bands self titled EP comprises of four songs and 'Free And Young' is a fine bluesy rocker that gives the listener an idea of the calibre and talent of the band. They can and do mix there rock'n'roll styles, adding variety to a passionate and potent collection of music.


The Vex - EP.

Background - Though hailing from London’s outer fringes, where the capital unceremoniously bleeds into Kent, The Vex actually came into being some 1,500 miles away, with an Eighties pop superstar playing his part. While on tour in Moscow with a previous band, the schisms in the group were made apparent by an offer of management from one Adam Ant. The faction that opposed the deal broke away to form The Vex, playing their debut gig at Moscow’s BlastFest, where the only thing that wasn’t ice-cold was, typically, the band’s beer rider. 

Back in the UK, Josh (guitar/vox), Jacko (guitar/vox), Andrew (bass) and Joshua (drums) soon honed a sound inspired by the classic roots and rock of both Kingston, Jamaica, and London, England. Dealing in dirty guitars and big beats, played with passion and precision, the quartet’s heavy rocksteady sonics became a draw on both sides of the Thames, their ferocious shows earning them a rep as one of the best live bands on the circuit. The Vex hit hard and they cut deep. Spin this EP and hear for yourself. 

About the ‘The Vex’ EP - A vital meditation on life, death and melodica, The Vex’s eponymous third EP ups the ante with its vice-like grooves, searing rock’n’roll edginess and volcanic dynamics, peaking with the fluid vocals of Jacko and Josh. It was recorded straight to tape at Ranscombe Studios in Medway and engineered by Jim Riley, key protagonist of the famed Medway scene. Within are five songs that tackle the big issues impacting on 21st-century existence, evidence of the band’s awareness that in our wide, wonderful and sometimes terrifying world, peace, love and unity are the only things that truly matter. Facebook here.

The Vex's five song, self titled third EP is boisterous and exuberant, with the bands robust and dynamic heavy rock-steady, providing a scintillating listen. It pretty much demanded a second play!


Quiet - Powerful Me.

Background - Quiet is anything but. It’s gnawing, encapsulating atmosphere, with real post-punk / metal-rock songs within dark, heavy, disturbing sounds. Their debut EP introduces the listener to a deep world of intimate confessions and barely concealed revelations — songs made from subterranean urges, feeling like a forbidden roller coaster ride through tidal wave riffs surrounding epic lyrical psychodramas. 

Quiet is a brand new Seattle band made up of lead Avtar (ex-Atomic Bride and Our Mother the Mountain bassist, now on guitars), Count Louisifer lll (bass), Eamon (guitar), Ulysses (drums), and features the lead vocals of Æon (ex-Wandering King). This is basically everyone else's first "real" band in a sense, as they put it, brought together by Avtar, who eventually connected with Æon through a mutual friend. 

The quintet write and rehearse in the same space as The Gods Themselves and Kid Leather, the members of which came from Atomic Bride like Avtar did. After some woodshedding, vox and drum-free for a year, the band found their missing members, and roiled on the lovely yet leviathan “Deepest Blue Sea,” their first single that was the first step in realizing the expansive emotional palette they were after. 

Quiet's debut EP 'Walk Into The Night' will be accompanied with a Barboza release show on June 9, 2017.

'Powerful Me' gives some idea of what to expect on the bands EP, although it's not actually included within the collection itself. The band tend to drift across genres with imaginative albeit sometimes darker musical ideas. As debut's from recently formed bands go, clearly they have something to offer, I guess expectations will be set quite high on the strength of these few tracks.