Zak Fleisher - Peaking Lights - Miranda Lee Richards - The Hurt

Zak Fleisher - Decisive.

Background - Zak Fleisher, a 23-year old Australian, is a multi-instrumental and talented singer songwriter. He starting playing guitar at age 7, there has been no looking back since.

Zak is excited to release his new single ‘Decisive’, through The A&R Department, marking his followup to debut ‘Green Girl’. In late 2015, Zak decided that it was time to take the leap of faith and play solo, playing shows in Western Australia, Melbourne, Denver, Las Vegas, Los Angeles, Barcelona, Tel-Aviv and Vancouver. ‘Decisive’, which was originally written in late 2015, is broadly about making a decision with someone regarding a relationship. 

“For me it means either a ‘yes let’s go for it’, or a ‘no not for me’ attitude rather than the grey area of let’s see how this pans out. Either way, I can deal with the answer, the real trouble is getting that answer because people are too conscious of hurting other people’s feelings, which shows a higher degree of empathy but also a lack of those essential interpersonal skills that people use to have”, Zak said. “At the time of writing this, I was seeing someone I really had fallen for. All I wanted was a simple answer and the only way it seemed I could get that answer was through song.” 

‘Decisive’ was recorded at Head Gap studios in Melbourne and Produced by Finn Keane. Facebook here.

Some vibrant and breezy guitars provide a contrasting background for Zak's smooth vocals, on 'Decisive' a catchy indie song, that's both melodic and refreshing.


Peaking Lights - I'll Be In The Sky.

Background - Peaking Lights new album 'The Fifth State Of Consciousness' is out 16th June 2017 on Two Flower Records. "A  journey thru an alien landscape where the dream world tells stories of lost innocence, finding strength and seeking an enlightened state of being after trials and tribulations all wrapped up in  two syrupy dubbed to the bone balearic pancakes sprinkled with powdered psychedelia.” — Peaking Lights

Peaking Lights’ fifth studio album, "The Fifth State Of Consciousness", is a 12-track, double LP produced in the band’s Dreamfuzz studio over the course of the last two years. 

Musically, the album shifts through many states from beginning to end, resembling a car journey through foreign landscapes. A sense of wonderment flows with each track and with every listen, new sounds and eccentricities begin to surface. Bringing together their love of Psychedelic music, House, Electronic and Reggae, each song lives and breathes it’s own life but as an album, remains knitted together by Peaking Lights’ tight, conceptual writing. Facebook here.

'I'll Be In The Sky' is the second track we have featured, that's taken from Peaking Light's forthcoming album 'The Fifth State Of Consciousness'. The song features some rich synth sounds, that provide a beautiful backdrop for the dreamy vocals, which in turn add to the overall atmospheric feel.


Miranda Lee Richards - Lucid I Would Dream.

Background - Following 2016's Echoes Of The Dreamtime (4* MOJO & 8/10 Uncut); LA-based Miranda Lee Richards has announced the release of new album Existential Beast on June 16th via Invisible Hands Music. Existential Beast is a beautifully constructed album characteristic of the effortless, 70's influenced, country-tinged psychedelia, evident through Miranda's work. 

Existential Beast is a political album, examining the issues of our time, but with intent of tackling these difficult and sometimes taboo subjects in a poetic and heartfelt manner. The title is also a mash-up of terms, referencing the existential crisis that has in turn arisen.

“In varying degrees, we are all still working with the animal urges of fear, competition, survival, and sexuality that are deep-seeded and manifesting in different ways, depending on where people are at. Perhaps a more endearing outlook is to see this as an assignment in working with the inner child, who can at times behave like a wild beast. But like it or not, these tendencies have been revealed, within our leaders, our countries, and ourselves; it is indeed a pivotal and transformational time.” Miranda Lee Richards. Website here.

Taken from the 'Existential Beast' album due out next month we have 'Lucid I Would Dream'. Comprising of ten songs, the featured track is a good indicator of what to expect. Folk and country orientated music with plenty of melodic hooks, is taken further with some dreamy psychedelic influences that add richness and originality. Overall the calibre of the new album is very good, and should have a wide appeal.


The Hurt - Sleeping.

Background - 'Sleeping' is an epic and brooding masterpiece. Co-written by Rikki Turner (Paris Angels) and Stephen Evans of Cabbage, the song is dark and beautifully sinister; Lo-fi American Gothic meets Cave and Cohen. 

Turner's baritone is commanding yet vulnerable, perfectly complimented by the eerily beautiful backing vocals of Jaq Gallier against a backdrop of mournful strings. Polished and pristine have no place here, 'Sleeping' is raw and pensive, it hisses and crackles with emotion.

The single marks the return of prolific songwriter Rikki Turner and his musical collective The Hurt. Having spent the last eighteen months collaborating and co-producing on Manchester's dynamic music scene, Turner unveiled the products of these studio sessions with the release of Summer 2016's critically acclaimed new single 'Berlin' along with a free download of Nico's 'One Last Chance'.

Returning to the studio, March 2017 has seen him emerge once again to launch Blindside Records in conjuntion with the enigmatic Lady D and Steve Balance, a familar face on Manchester's music scene. Facebook here.

The vocals are deep and haunting, whilst the music builds in layers making 'Sleeping' a very individualistic and fabulously dark song. The backing vocals by Jaq Gallier give the piece further depth and character, enjoy!