Low Dive - Slowcoaching - Honeymilk - Mise en Scene

Low Dive - Common People.

Background - Brisbane dream pop duo, Low Dive release their music video for debut single, 'Common People'.

Featuring pals, pups and sun-drenched streets, the video is an ode to Brisbane's West End and it's beloved local haunts.

Low Dive launch 'Common People' at The Foundry in Brisbane on Thursday 29th June with support from Pool Shop and McKisko. Facebook here.

'Common People' is a lush and dreamy song, with a laid back vibe and gentle melodic vocals, which together make for an enchanting musical piece.


Slowcoaching - Pillars Of Salt.

Background - From his computer chair to the live stage, Slowcoaching, the solo moniker for Dean Valentino, has expanded his dream-pop vision to something far more audacious and vivid. Taking euphoria head on, Slowcoaching creates a focussed aura of hazy nostalgia through his musical stylings.

'Pillars of Salt' is the first product of true collaboration from Slowcoaching–hitting the studio with his live band for the first time. Through the virtue of his live group, Valentino's music has never appeared so present.

The power of 'Pillars of Salt' comes from the way Slowcoaching communications urgency through such patient music. Cataloguing his own self-assessment and the mundane, the track explores Valentino's own world having been engulfed by nature documentaries.

With support performances with Harts, Philadelphia Grand Jury and Fountaineer under his belt, Slowcoaching, now with 'Pillars of Salt', his most resolute single to date, is making increasingly bigger and more intelligent steps toward his debut album coming later this year. 'Pillars of Salt' is a wide net to capture a memory–Slowcoaching's approximation of the bigger world, helped by Valentino's soaring vocals, reneges a feeling of escapism and dream-pop serenity. Facebook here.

The musical arrangement is refined and beautifully performed. It's the perfect backdrop for some fabulous vocals, and on 'Pillars Of Salt' that's precisely what you hear. This is a stunning indie/dream pop song!


Honeymilk - Trip.

Background - “Trip”, by Stockholm, Sweden based indie rockers Honeymilk, was created when singer Marcus Admun brought some chords to guitarist Nikki Nyberg. Some Thin Lizzy meets Mac DeMarco meets TOPS-guitars later the track was finished. The song is typical Honeymilk stuff – lyrics discussing the fact that life seldom reaches higher that a 2 out of 5 grade in general, but with melodies and arrangements that believes you into thinking the opposite.

Honeymilk, who went from a four-piece to a two-piece a year ago, are in the studio working on a sophomore studio album to be released fall 2017. First track out from the album was “Time Will Kill You” which was released last summer, soon reaching 200 000 streams on Spotify, followed by “The Nothing New” which was instantly hailed as the best track the band’s released by media outlets such as Clash Magazine, BBC Fresh On The Net and Jajaja Music. Airplay followed on renowned stations such as Amazing Radio, German Flux FM, Norwegian NRK P13 and Finnish YLE Soumi. Facebook here.

The vibrant music and melodic vocal delivery, might be at odds with the lyrics on 'Trip' however it remains a catchy and hook filled song. With words firmly set in reality, the added bonus is the ability to relate to the artists thoughts and feelings.


Mise en Scene - Waster.

Background - Stefanie Blondal Johnson and Jodi Dunlop of Winnipeg, Canada based indie rock outfit Mise en Scene have overseen slow, steady changes in their group since forming in 2012, but the gradual metamorphosis has been well worth the wait. Their second album, ‘Still Life On Fire’, is a set of excellent guitar based songs that takes rock, new wave, post-punk and 90’s indie/alt.rock influences and stamps the band’s personality all over them via Johnson’s powerful vocals and some inventive arrangements.    

Album highlights include the first UK single ‘Closer’, a burning holler that channels the Riot grlll aesthetic, the post-punk pop of ‘Waster’, the strident ‘Guts/Glory’, the epic ‘I'm Ok’, the reflective title track and the hard  hitting ‘Young Leo’. Recorded in Winnipeg and produced by Montréal-based Mike Nash (The Dears, Blue Rodeo, Ladies of the Canyon), the record captures a full portrayal of the band’s musical journey to date.

Waster is from new album ‘Still Life On Fire’ out 30.06.17 [UK release via Membran]. It was while playing at the annual Canadian Music Week festival in Toronto that the band were signed by  the Vancouver based Light Organ Records, a label that represents artists with an independent mindset 
such as The Zolas and Mounties (a group featuring Hawksley Workman and members of Hot Hot Heat). ‘Still Life On Fire’ is licensed to indie powerhouse Membran for its UK release. Website here.

'Waster' is a lively and determined track, that mixes raw, new wave styled rock'n'roll, with some genuine and natural vocals. Mise En Scene can certainly claim to have made their mark on genres of days gone by, with a modern and vibrant style.