Secret Bad Boy - December Baby - The Electro-Lights

Secret Bad Boy - Chicken / Double Platinum.

Background - After completing a successful mini-tour opening select dates for London’s Happyness, Secret Bad Boy is back in Chicago with a show scheduled for Schuba’s Tavern on Thursday, June 15.

Secret Bad Boy is the new project from Ezra Furman’s longtime guitarist and keyboard player, Ben Joseph, and the band’s recordings feature Woody Goss of Vulfpeck, Ezra Furman, Nick Tremulis, Packy Lundholm of I Fight Dragons, Noam Wallenberg, Brittany Moffitt, Mat Roberts, Jorgen Jorgensen and Sam Durkes. 

Secret Bad Boy has released two tracks plus accompanying music videos. Bandcamp here, website here.

'Chicken' and 'Double Platinum' are two very different songs, with one consistent feature, they are both fabulous. Actually there is more, both songs and videos have the charm of a "bad boy" the mischief is not far below the surface, plus the natural rock'n'roll is there in abundance.


December Baby - Jimmy Choos.

Background - What do you get when you take four film students, a singer turned impromptu method actor, and a gradually escalating series of passive-aggressive scenes involving a 1950s housewife decimating an apple pie, flipping through a male pin-up mag, and destroying flowers while channelling a truly Hannibal Lecter-esque vibe? It’s December Baby’s debut music video for single Jimmy Choos, and it’s one to watch with an upcoming release date of Friday 9 June 2017. 

December Baby is the artist name for Renee Jury, a 30-something singer-songwriter from Brisbane. Having successfully released her first EP, Beneath the Surface, in 2016, December Baby’s style is best defined as alternative pop, with her songs ranging from upbeat, quirky pop tunes, through to darker, more reflective musings. 

The single Jimmy Choos was written by December Baby and produced by James North Productions in St Lucia, Brisbane. It’s a power pop song with December Baby’s deceptively sweet vocals juxtaposed against biting lyrics and jagged guitar riffs. December Baby describes the song as a “massive bitching session” about mean girls. On a deeper level though, the song is about having the freedom not to care what others think, and be true to your own values, in the face of pressure to conform. 

This theme is brought to life in the Jimmy Choos music video which has been created by four talented film students from SAE Institute in Brisbane – Kate Jorgensen (Director), Demi Bird (Producer), Brielle O’Mullane (Cinematographer) and Kaydee Ball (Editor). The film team utilise a colourful, retro aesthetic to tell the story from the perspective of a 1950s housewife who is being pressured to fit into society’s “norms”. However, instead of conforming, she shakes off all expectation in a mash-up of gradually escalating scenes where she destroys and mocks the products and values she’s being expected 
to promote. Warning: this video contains graphic images of pastry destruction and consumption, which some viewers may find disturbing. 

December Baby is excited to partner with The A&R Department to bring the Jimmy Choos music video and single to a wider audience. The release of the Jimmy Choos music video last Friday 9 June 2017 will be complemented with live shows, dates to be announced. Website here, Facebook here.

If you love some quirky charm, accompanied by some fabulously retro styled music and imagery, then 'Jimmy Choos' may well be your song of the year. This song is highly addictive!


The Electro-Lights - Watch Your Back.

Background - It’s 2017 and the two minute single is alive and kicking as the The Electro-Lights gate-crash the year with a barnstorming rockabilly, punk injection collection of adrenalin called ‘Watch Your Back’. 

The duo (Oliver Meacham and Samuel Mahler) were formed mid-2012 emerging from the blues and rock 'n' roll roots of Mississippi and formed something truly different.

The band toured until early 2014 when singer/guitarist, Sam Mahler deployed to Afghanistan with The United States Army performing with a wide variety of bands such as The Offspring, Smashing Pumpkins, One Republic, Shinedown, The Wallflowers, Wiz Khalifa and Awolnation. 

Upon return, The Electro-Lights hit it harder than ever and returned to the road. The Electro-Lights have played across the country at many venues and festivals including SXSW. Facebook here.

'Watch Your Back' is a gritty and flamboyantly energetic collection of songs, where tumultuous punk and modern rockabilly fight it out, in short, sharp bursts of vitally exciting pure rock.