A Million Machines - OxenFree - Year of October

A Million Machines - Come Tonight.

Background - LA-based synth pop outfit A Million Machines have announced they will release their first full-length self-titled record in November 2017, preceded by the single ‘Come Tonight’. Featuring 11 tracks, this album is a synth pop kaleidoscope, densely layered in clean, modular synthesizers and a heavy melodic aesthetic between light and darkness. 

‘Come Tonight’ is a pulsating electronic burner that echoes Depeche Mode in its technical attack of modular synths, coupled with passionate male vocals. "This song encourages an awakening to the state of the world. An awakening to prejudice, corruption and human rights. An awakening to a revolution," says vocalist Fate Fatal. 

The entire debut album is, in essence, a blast of heart-thumping beats, stomping propulsion and intoxicating melodies. Fatal injects his gloomy obsessions with an ultra melodic harmony, abetted by MIG, a conscientious technician with an understanding of the inner workings of modular technology and exploring the abyss of self-made modular circuitry. 

Recording at their own studio in Los Angeles, A Million Machines use modular synths to make some of the most human sounds around. Based in Silver Lake, California, A Million Machines is a duo comprised of producer/multi-instrumentalist MIG (The New Room) and vocalist Fate Fatal (The Deep Eynde, Kittens for Christians). They formed in 2014 when MIG and Fate were separately called into an audition with an upcoming LA underground band and, while waiting, dived into discussion about their passion for electronic music.

The result is output that is rooted in raw analog synths and punchy vocals, using low-res electronic noise and pop hooks. After being showcased on local college radio stations, including LA’s KXLU, A Million Machines’ sound quickly progressed to incorporate various areas of electronic music; electroclash, shoegazing, electropunk and electropop. Website here, Facebook here.

Right from the opening moments, some rhythmic synths and lo-fi vocals ensure ‘Come Tonight’ has plenty of atmosphere. Add in a layer or two more of vibrant synths and energise the vocals and we arrive with a notable & already very noticed tune. It's the last of eleven tracks on the forthcoming album, & judging by the interest so far, it would appear mighty likely, that a large number of music lovers, are about to add another superb album to their collection.


OxenFree - Caterpillar.

Background -  “Caterpillar” is the excellent second single from OxenFree’s upcoming Another Land EP, which will be coming out through Sneaky Bear Records on October 13th.

The video was directed by Diane Russo and stars the talented kickboxers Venus Providence Smith, Stoney Morales and Mariana Firestone defining their home. While it might appear to be a a violent home on the surface, it's also filled with happiness and love for self and each other. Doyle felt that that dichotomy is reflective of the world we live in, and represented the song’s core themes.

OxenFree’s new EP Another Land was recorded with producer Andrija Tokic in his Nashville studio, whose other credits include Alabama Shakes, Hurray for the Riff Raff, Benjamin Booker and Clear Plastic Masks. The band credits Andrija with harnessing the vitality of the record, and bringing a sense of experimentation to the band, pulling the right gear from his stacks of organs and amps to get the live sound right in the room. The result on Another Land rears whirling organs, vocals playing in delay, fuzzy guitar leads, and a punchy rhythm section.

Jeff Doyle, the front man and primary songwriter was born in DC and reared in Virginia. Living in Charlottesville, he recorded his first EP with Mike Bishop of GWAR (the original Beefcake the Mighty and current Blothar), before moving to New York and starting OxenFree. He resurrected two of those songs when he moved to Brooklyn and recruited Christopher Burns (drums, Sydney), Sam Ghitelman (guitar, New York), Sean Padden (bass, New York), and Emilie Soffe (vocals and keys, Alabama) to round out the band. Jeff, Christopher and Sam grew up playing punk music at house shows, while Emilie grew up in the theatre (she recently co-created and appeared in the acclaimed play Ski End). Facebook here, Bandcamp here.

With feedback & reverb 'Caterpillar' unfolds into a feisty and expansive rocker, where the vocals dominate above a decidedly robust musical arrangement. The harmonies add another layer of beautifully emotive sounds, and the rhythm changes just add more.


Year of October - Come & Get It.

Background - Year of October just unveiled their lead-single “Come & Get It”, from the impending 3rd studio LP Trouble Comes, out in October. Following the release of their critically acclaimed 2nd album Golden Days, Year of October built up a loyal fan-base, and received raving media attention from a number of outlets.

Formed at University of Kentucky in 2010, Year of October is the passion-project of Phlecia and Josh Sullivan. Mixing their diverse influences of Led Zeppelin and The Beatles for Josh, and Etta James and Ella Fitzgerald for Phlecia, Year of October stands out for their clawing Nashville-rock edge, and soulful, swirling vocals. 

Previously, the band has released debut LP Stories and sophomore album Golden Days. Year of October has played over 250 shows across the South, and has built up a devoted community of fans with their cohesive and genre-elusive style. Website here, Facebook here.

'Come & Get It' is a bluesy rocker, where passion infused vocals are equally matched by some fabulous & timeless rock riffs.