Son Little - Aiming For Enrike - Jeremy Tuplin - Fool Heavy

Son Little - O Me O My.

Background - Son Little has just announced an exciting UK and Euro 'New Magic Tour'. After the release of the brilliant 'New Magic' album via Anti- he will be hitting the road this December to perform across the UK and Europe. The tour begins in Manchester and includes a date at London's Omeara from which he will then be travelling on to dates in Berlin, Paris, Brussels, Amsterdam, and more.

The New York Times described Son Little’s singing as "a voice so careworn it’s almost otherworldly” while Culturefly called the Grammy Winning singer-songwriter and producer, “an Otis Redding for the 21st Century.” Son Little’s anticipated full length album New Magic has finally arrived in stores.

Each of the tracks on New Magic’s draw from the diaspora of American blues and soul that includes not only modern R&B, but also rock & roll and hip-hop and transforms them into a singular sound that is propelled by his mesmerizing and soulful vocals and production that artfully balances between rustic immediacy and hip hop cut-and-paste. 

Son Little first came to the public’s attention through his collaborations with The Roots and RJD2, and has since toured worldwide with artists as diverse as Mumford & Sons, and Kelis, Shakey Graves and Leon Bridges. In addition he won a Grammy for his work producing Mavis Staples. Website here, Facebook here, tour details on Beehive Candy's tour news page.

Every component of 'O Me O My' exudes quality, commitment, and passion. Son Little's vocals are simply fabulous, the musical arrangement competes for attention and the timeless feel of the song just adds more.


Aiming For Enrike - Front Runner.

Background - The forthcoming album, “Las Napalmas”, is a “to be or not to be” project, both for the listeners and the band. If you throw yourself into its musical whirlwind, which Tobias and Simen from Aiming For Enrike do every time, we’re pretty sure that you soon will catch on as well. Inside it’s atmospheric, it’s staccato, it’s fierce and it’s fascinating. But most of all it’s a lot of fun.

The common denominator for their music has always been energy and explosiveness, and there’s no doubt that you will be served that on “Las Napalmas”. Songs like “Nibloninan Car”, “Moustache” and “Lactic Acid Trip” hit you like heavy blows in your midriff. In addition, you get slow and more sonic songs like “Social Window”, “Front Runner” and “Hi Ball”.

It may not sound like it, since the songs throw you around with infernal power and firm intensity, but Aiming For Enrike is actually only two musicans: One guitar and one drumkit. Even though it may be difficult to believe it – the album was 100% recorded live in the studio, with only those two musicians in one room.

Together, Aiming For Enrike have created their own universe where everything is centered around what happens between the two of them in a rehearsal space, in a studio and on a stage. What you see is what you hear, and what you hear is pure joy. For the listeners and for the band. Facebook here.

'Front Runner' demonstrates the skill & attention to detail the duo have put into the forthcoming album. Hypnotically rhythmic and addictive the track has tremendous clarity within the mix & a level of freshness that just pulled in my attention.


Jeremy Tuplin - Astronaut.

Background - London-via-Somerset newcomer Jeremy Tuplin will release his debut LP ‘I Dreamt I Was An Astronaut’ in on 29th September 2017 via Folkwit Records. Following on from his 2 independently released EPs (2016’s Open Letters and 2014’s Carry The Fire EP), his music was described in The Telegraph Culture section as ‘Stunningly candid… A distinctive deep vocal that has hints of Leonard Cohen and Bill Callahan.’

The album was recorded with long-time collaborator Mark Estall, mostly in his new Marketstall Studio in South Bermondsey (with extra recording taking place in both Tuplin’s and Estall’s living rooms). Musically the new songs take a different direction to the earlier released EPs, combining electronic and synthesised sounds with more acoustic and organic instruments for a ‘retro-futuristic feel’ to branch into a genre which could, possibly, be described as ‘space-folk’.

The theme that underpins his debut album is escapism: “It’s the late 2000 and teens and everyone needs escape in some form or other, from jobs, London, reality, girlfriends, the internet, anything.  You can find it in alcohol, prescription drugs, or in dreams, which are all legitimate methods, but I also found it by getting really into space and the cosmos, which is another, connecting theme in the album (Albert Einstein Song, Where The Light Ends, Robot Love, Astronaut etc). It’s always good to be dragged back though, even if it’s by the things you thought you were trying to escape from, relationships, love, or friends’ weddings, (Kathleen, Did We Lose The Fight?, Feel Good Hit etc)”

Tuplin migrated to London from Somerset in 2011. He has gigged all over the UK but has found a home from home with London’s Lantern Society collective. A busy summer saw him play at Boomtown Fair, and the album launch show on 26th October at Paper Dress Vintage Hackney Central will be followed by tours of the UK and Spain. Facebook here.

With a fabulous vocal range that can and does hit some deep notes, Jeremy Tuplin only needed an average song  & I would have been hooked. 'Astronaut' just happens to be wonderful & should sell the new album in it's own right.


Fool Heavy - Gusto (album).

Background - The ‘90s are back in a big way- just ask Long Island garage-rock duo Fool Heavy. Seamlessly melding elements of the era’s grunge and alternative wave they’ve forged a sound that’s somehow both nostalgic - in its carefree self-deprecation and Cobain-esque guitars - and modern, with a steadfast aggression akin to today's apathetic millennia. Fool Heavy’s got the guts, the glory, and just the right amount of angst to bring forth the best parts of the musical culture that defined a generation. Generation X, that is.

The band’s inaugural LP, Gusto which is out this week and available as a pay-what-you-want release on Bandcamp, pays homage to a world that’s grown sarcastic, impatient, and sick of being unheard. The eight-song debut calls upon a youthful apathy, with outrageous highs and flickering lows in way that’s cathartic, familiar, and unapologetically honest. Singer-songwriter Taylor Berke (ex-Soda Bomb) and co-vocalist Sam Coughlin are unafraid to hold a mirror to themselves in a raw display of conviction in both the delivery, and the message itself – life is shi; live it up while you can. Through the span of the record, they’ll convince you to do just that.

Michael Abiuso of The Gay Blades and The Venetia Fair recorded, mixed, and mastered Gusto at Behind the Curtains Media‘s studio in a way that raises a glass to its ‘90s predecessors. Dialing in thrashing drums, melodic mid-range bass and a hell of a lot of reverb, Abiuso serves as both producer and puppet-master to hone in a sound that’s unique to the duo. Each note, each squeal of feedback, and each and every distorted holler feels relevant and important. And while Gusto may be Fool Heavy’s freshman effort, its clear that this isn’t the pair’s first rodeo.

The writing is strong, it’s authentic, and it engages over and over. With witty lyrical quips and ethereal hooks, the band’s double vocal dynamic proves to be the driving force behind songs that refuse to be predictable. It’s a powerful record and a promising first-offering from two minds venturing off the deepest ends of mania. If it’s any indication of what Fool Heavy has to offer this world, you’re in for a frenzied and fearless ride. Bandcamp here, Facebook here.

Garage rock & a huge layer of passionate attitude & energy resonates throughout the new album 'Gusto'. They do soften the pace on occasion allowing the listener to pause for breath, thankfully we are allowed to embed the whole album, so feel free to check it all out below.