Year of October - The Prids

Year of October - Lost.

Background - Nashville, Tennessee - Gritty Music City blues rock band, Year of October, is excited to release new single "Lost", from their impending October LP, “Trouble Comes”. “Lost” is a heavy blues rock groove with chunky guitar tones and a classic rock beat. Self-described as "fuzz soul", husband-wife fronted band, Year Of October blends Josh's metal and blues background with Phlecia's jazz and soul-drenched vocals. 

Prior to this release, the singer-guitarist-drummer trio played over 250 shows a year throughout Tennessee, Kentucky, and the South after releasing their critically-acclaimed last album Golden Days. They have built up a loyal fan-base, and have received raving media attention from a number of notable outlets. 

Phlecia says of the new project, “We like to take influences from all genres of music. We find inspiration in everything and I think if something is good then it doesn’t necessarily have to sound just like us to be a major influence. Website here, Facebook here.

The second feature this month for Year of October with the brand new track 'Lost'. It's another feast of blues rock goodness & again the vocals just ooze soulful passion whilst the music is potently determined.


The Prids - Summer Cult.

Background - Portland-OR based, noise pop band, The Prids, share their new single and video, "Summer Cult," from their forthcoming album.  Do I Look Like I'm In Love? is due out via This-a-Way Records. The album was recorded at Rock nRoll B&B on Sauvie Island, 15 miles north of Portland. It was recorded and co-produced by Sean Flora (The Shins, The Black Keys, Stephen Malkmus & The Jicks). The band is currently on tour supporting The Pains Of Being Pure At Heart. 

Lead single and title track, "Do I Look Like I'm In Love?", is a dark reflection on modern life and its meaninglessness. Being a part of the scene for over 20 years, the band has reflected upon the way modern culture has changed independent music and autonomy. Having spearheaded the Pacific Northwest DIY scene, bassist and vocalist Mistina La Fave, vocalist and guitarist David Frederickson, drummer Gordon Nickel and keyboardist and bassist Tim Yates, The Prids's career has spanned over 20 years. The band has toured alongside Built to Spill, among other notable acts, and Henry Rollins is a long time fan. Having faced a life altering brain hemorrhage in Spring 2015, La Fave and the rest of the band are set to pick up where they left off with this forthcoming release. The album comes out on the band's own DIY label, This-a-Way Records, which has been instrumental in the band's culture for the past 20 years. 

Do I Look Like I’m In Love? illustrates the Portland dark pop band’s mettle through keen lyrical observations, but also in its attention to sonic detail and song craft—this record couldn’t have been made by any other band at any other time. “Do I Look Like I’m In Love?” and “The Shape” both swirl and build like dreams filled with grey skies and the flickering faces of past friends and lovers. These songs nudge up against the air-brushed punk of “Lie Here” and the bass-driven “Colliding,” which recalls the dazed jangle of early R.E.M. More than two decades in, The Prids have made the best and most cohesive album of their career. Facebook here.

The music is stripped back to start & gradually adds some layers to build into a refined rock soundtrack. This is a very fine match for the vocals and harmonies on 'Summer Cult' where the understated melody and swathe of hooks make for a stand out song.