Hover Bored - Esmé - You Want Fox

Hover Bored - Safe Side.

Background - Formed in Wakefield, but now based in Manchester, Hover Bored are an up-and-coming grunge-pop quartet set to release their new single, the fiery, exhilarating Safe Side on March 30th.

Searing riffs, rolling bass, crashing drums and bratty vocals coalesce into a fiercely infectious track. Only just breaking the two-minute barrier, it calls to mind the likes of Dinosaur Pile-Up, Honey Lung and King Nun. Hover Bored’s sound is a fuzzy concoction of modern grunge and scuzzed out power-pop.

“With our music constantly adapting, 'Safe Side' captures the progression we have made over the past year” the guys explain,“It began as a throwaway idea until we made it the ending of another song. We fell in love with the energy that this small interlude brought to rehearsals and shows; so we decided to make it a full track.”

Gigging extensively across the key cities in the musical hot-bed that is the North West of England, Manchester, Liverpool and Leeds, it’s no surprise the four-piece bring to their recordings an urgency usually reserved for blisteringly loud live sets in grimy, sticky venues.

Safe Side was recorded with Sugar House, who have produced records by Pale Waves, Vynce and Larkins, at Catalyst studios in Manchester, was self-released last Friday. TWITTER.

From the opening moments 'Safe Side' signals that this song is going to be a thunderous affair. Guitars soar above, the rhythm is intense, the vocals passionately determined, in all this is a feisty blast of  grunge rock, and some...


Esmé - I Wonder.

Background - Sydney based Songstress Esmé lures her listeners in with a spellbinding tonal quality and a rhythmically entrancing sound. Imagine a soundscape of stripped back beats, electro-acoustic guitar melodies and a soul imbued voice.

Esmé's unique approach to music and song writing can be attributed to her upbringing. She is one of eight children and was home schooled until grade 8, mastering the art of independent learning at a young age, self taught in both voice and piano. She left school and home at the age of 16 and began performing in small cafes and bars in Northern Queensland, before moving to Sydney to pursue music full time. Her long awaited debut single Come with Me was self released in December 2017, sparking the attention of Triple J and surprising the Sydney music scene with her understated sound. Esmé will release her second single I Wonder on the 30th of March 2018.

“My sister Olivia and I have always been extremely close. In 2014, our father passed away in our arms after a very long struggle post car accident. It was just the two of us with him at the time. I feel like this experience especially has always lead us to explore ontological ideas, me through music and her through poetry, she’s a writer. She texted me the words to ‘I wonder’ randomly one day. Her lyrics seemed to latch onto my melody, and my chords seemed to occupy the space in between the words perfectly.“ - Esmé

I Wonder song explores the invisible reality of human beings that can’t be physically seen like our bodies, yet we often understand to be the most alluring aspects of ourselves. I wonder explores the question with lulling electric guitar patterns and subtle synths, to what extent are we transcendent? Esmé music is reflective of the person she is; quiet and understated at first but full of intricacy and emotion the further you listen. Esmé lures listeners in with a spellbinding tonal quality and a rhythmically entrancing sound. She draws inspiration from jazz, soul, art and poetry to create a hushed hybrid of jazz infused electro soul. WEBSITE.

'I Wonder' opens with an understated musical arrangement that allows the vocals to beautifully engage with the listener. The soundtrack develops in an intricate manner, always making room for some soulful jazz infused vocals, that come together with refined style.


You Want Fox - Liar Liar.

Background - Nottingham duo, Natalie and Colette of You Want Fox are proud to announce that their second album Reverse The Curse will be self-released with the help of Inflight Music Distribution on 27th April 2018.

After the success of their debut album ‘You Can’t Sit With Us’ in 2016, the girls have played a number of prestigious festivals including Dot to Dot and Macmillenfest as well as landing a tour in Los Angeles.

Melodically they are channelling Queens Of The Stone Age and Sleigh Bells, they capture you and pull you in with their massive pop hooks, making tunes that stick in your head for days. 

Equal parts lipstick pouts and knife fights, they emit an effortless fusion of girly pop sensibilities with biting distortion and primal rhythms. TWITTER.

'Liar Liar' is one of eleven tracks on 'Reverse The Curse' a potent rocker of an album. The vocals add some pop sensibilities to the music, whilst musically the rock & roll is uncompromising as it barnstorms from song to song. There are shades of Blondie's debut album on occasion, but with more power, whatever the comparisons this is one vigorous rocker.