My Pleasure - King of the Travellers - The Rivers - Night Flight

My Pleasure - These Things Take Time.

Background - My Pleasure says of the upcoming album: "It's only been six months since my first album came out, but I wanted to deliver on my promise to myself to release as many albums as possible before I die. This one is called Mostly Happy because I am mostly happy with the album, and I'm mostly happy with life."

And with regards to the single: "These Things Take Time refers to all manner of trivial things, but generally it's about trying to be patient whenever you feel held back. And seeing as the song features a reference to family, the recording has my partner, daughter and stepdaughter joining me on vocals. It's usually just me in the studio going mad on my own, so it's nice to have a trio of vocalists backing me up for this one."

My Pleasure's previous releases, 'Domestic Bliss' (album), 'Party Popper' (an EP) and 'Your House is Made of Nothing and You Are No One' (a collection of ten singles) received support from BBC 6 Music, Radio 2, Radio X, Absolute Radio and BBC Introducing.

He has supported the likes of Jeffrey Lewis, The Wave Pictures, Public Service Broadcasting, H Hawkline, Art Brut and The Lovely Eggs. A UK tour is planned for the Summer. FACEBOOK.

The video works well with 'These Things Take Time' however it's the song that jumps out and cries for a listen. Different in a fine sort of way, the track pumps out rhythmic hooks by the dozen, listen and love! 


King of the Travellers - Señor Oxido.

Background - Intertwining layers of Romani, Balkan and Celtic folk into a punk-fuelled tornado, King of the Travellers summon the musical ghosts of yore from every corner of the globe. On their fierce new single Señor Oxido, the Fremantle 7-piece ride into new territory with a heavy gallop – immersing the listener in a scorching Spaghetti Western.

While the song's lyric is a playful ode written upon the departure of former bandmate Rusty, Señor Oxido is a powerful orchestration of the band's impressive roll call: Nathan Hull (vocals), Sam Reed (French horn), Djan Irianto (guitar), Alex Green (bass), Tristan Hull (mandolin), Josh Cutler (drums) and Ben Power (clarinet, organ). Although sounding nothing like their previous work, Señor Oxido is perfectly at home amidst King of the Travellers' set-list – bursting at the seams with the band's innate ability to inspire a heaving dance floor.

Since day one, King of the Travellers have been this way... a band able to get the whole room moving. It has been their constant, no matter which direction their music has come from. 2013's The Puncha Hoedown was a rousing collection of howling folk-punk songs that felt almost like sea shanties. Building on this, 2014's Rambling Jackson involved more instrumentation and a broader range of ethnic variations of folk music, but was again delivered with maniacal energy. By 2016's Pros & Cons, King of the Travellers had fully developed their sound – fittingly bringing the music of all the world's great traveller cultures and distilling it into one potent brew.

With more material up their sleeve to ensure one hell of a 2018, King of the Travellers are ready to tear the roof off any place that'll have them. FACEBOOK.

The hashtag says #Alternative and 'Señor Oxido' is all of that and more. This is creative, imaginative and a joy to listen to. Genres galore are put in the mixer and come out as a musical smoothie of renown, come strut your stuff to this one...


The Rivers - Tricks and Lovers.

Background - The Rivers are a brand spankin’ new indie/roots act from the South-West of WA. The Rivers’ name is symbolic of the many musical tributaries who have contributed to the band’s rich cinematic sound.

The band prefers to live underwater, away from the rage and chaos of modern life. The songs, scribed by the elusive Doug Boatman, are nostalgic, electronically layered and vocally harmonic, drawing richly from roots music - telling tales of hope and loss.

In recent travels, singer/songwriter, Doug Boatman drifted from port to port, writing a tea chest of songs later recorded in Los Angeles, New Zealand, Perth and the South-West of W.A. Tricks and Lovers is the first of the songs let loose from the chest, a message in a bottle seeking harbour in your headphones.

Tricks and Lovers is an early-morning alleyway glimpse of gratuitous love gone wrong - a broken heel struck through the heart of a willing victim. It depicts the complex nature of love surviving on the edge of morality, where sanity is tenderly balanced by the contents of a ‘pretty pill box.’

Ye who enjoy driving old V8 cars at night on country roads through the wind and rain, cruising with the heater set just right, will love The Rivers’ sound. You may, at times, drive recklessly fast; occasionally, you may just pull over and cry. WEBSITE.

The vocals and harmonies are the first part of 'Tricks and Lovers' to register in a good way, the musical arrangement provides a vibrant background on this folk pop/rock song, and the catchy nature of the piece ensures at the least a few more listens.


Night Flight - Parade.

Background - London based band Night Flight return with the news of their second EP Carousel, along with the release of new single ‘Parade’ — the first track to be lifted from the EP.

Co-written with Billie Marten, 'Parade' beautifully drifts in on the back of a simple, yet effective guitar chord passage - as frontman and songwriter Sam Holmes sings: “Hey there, how’ve you been in this world, since I fell out of yours?”. Wonderfully paced, and lyrically riveting - Night Flight are a real breath of fresh air. Parade's carefully considered use of soft acoustic guitars, soothing keys, and steady, shuffling percussion is a joy to behold, building to its atmospheric - almost psychedelic close.

Its accompanying video also released today, directed by Dan Harris, feels like the perfect backdrop. A Peak District covered in snow, shot in beautiful 16mm, mirrors the turmoil of ex-lovers explored in the song.

Speaking on the new track, Sam explains ‘Parade’ is…"A conversation between ex-partners set some time after their break up. While the motive is for cathartic reconciliation, it quickly turns into a passive aggressive back and forth of one-upmanship." WEBSITE.

'Parade' has already received considerable attention in the last few days since it was released. Melodic and beautifully crafted the gentle vocals are totally engaging and the band deliver music with heart and quality, ensuring the emotion and feeling of this song resonates gorgeously.