The Golgis - Sarah Clanton - My Pleasure - Dan Rico

The Golgis - Doc's 'Tache.

Background - Hot on the heels of their debut single "Mr Fisher" in March, British Alternative Folk band The Golgis release their next unique offering "Doc's 'Tache" on May 25th 2018, this time with added bagpipes and banjo. This follow up goes further to cement their unusual but highly accessible sound, and is a footstomping addition to their portfolio as they work their way to the release of their first album.

"Doc's 'Tache" is a joint composition by the band's 2 frontmen Ade and Tony, with the lyrics and story of the song being written by Ade about a well known figure from 1970's bagpipe bands Doc Halliday, and his magnificent facial hair, as can be seen in the single's artwork.

Ade also contributes a bagpipe solo to the song, one of the many instruments at his disposal, which is perfectly complimented by the rip-roaring banjo riff throughout, played by band member Avery.

After completing a short tour of the south of England, The Golgis are busy getting the tracks ready for their album, and figuring out which instruments to add next. TWITTER.

We first featured The Golgis back in February describing their music as "Echoes of the past are brought right up to date in a lovable and slightly eccentric manner, this is just fabulous." The new song is another delight to share, 'Doc's 'Tache' once again refuses to sit in any one genre, folk rock indie style might be one description, whatever, this is another breath of fresh musical air.


Sarah Clanton - Slow It Down.

Background - "Slow It Down," is the whismical new video from Nashville-based folk popster Sarah Clanton. The song follows the recent release of track "Silver Lining," a call to constructive conversation.

Sarah Clanton, who radiates sunshine from every pore, rocks her cello like a guitar and writes powerful tunes that help us make some sense of this strange period of time we're in. Her unique brand of cello-driven, folky intellipop is on full display in the song and its accompanying video in which she encourages us to take time to enjoy and celebrate even the smallest of life's moments against a backdrop of vivid imagery. 

"Coincidentally, after leaving the studio the day we recorded 'Slow it Down,' I turned on NPR to an episode appropriately titled 'Slowing Down,'" Sarah Clanton explains. "A statistic stood out to me about how our minds wander away from the present moment almost half of the time. That's almost half our of our lives spent not living in the present! 'Slow it Down' is a positive reminder for us that life is amazing, a friendly reminder to guide us back to the present moment."

While we as humans cope with the hustle and bustle of life by spending time daydreaming and allowing our minds to wander, too much of a good thing can act against us. Why is it so hard for us to stop and smell the roses? “Slow it Down” reminds us to pause, be in the moment, and remember that life is truly a gift. WEBSITE.

'Slow It Down' is a classy, melodic folk pop song, with a refined musical arrangement supporting Sarah Clanton's beautifully engaging vocals. The video adds more, this one is very addictive.


My Pleasure - Thank You for Alphabetising My Spice Rack.

Background - My Pleasure is from Hull, UK and describes his music as "almost pop". Mostly Happy is the title of his 2nd album, out Friday 1st June, and third single Thank You for Alphabetising My Spice Rack is out now. It follows previous singles Fluorescent Jacket and These Things Take Time. A video to accompany the track, shot with absolutely no budget whatsoever and ripping off one of the greats, can be found below.

My Pleasure says of the single: "This started off as a sarcastic response to my dad's obsessive tendencies, but veered off into something a little darker. The music remained fairly upbeat though. The single is also the closest I've come so far to having what you'd call a live favourite, which is nice."

My Pleasure's previous releases, 'Domestic Bliss' (album), 'Party Popper' (an EP) and 'Your House is Made of Nothing and You Are No One' (a collection of ten singles) received support from BBC 6 Music, Radio 2, Radio X, Absolute Radio and BBC Introducing. He has supported the likes of Jeffrey Lewis, The Wave Pictures, Public Service Broadcasting, H Hawkline, Art Brut and The Lovely Eggs. FACEBOOK.

Friday 25th May: Young Thugs Studios, York
Friday 1st June: Tallbird Records, Chesterfield
Saturday 23rd June: Type Slowly, Hull
Saturday 30th June: Labour Club, Chesterfield
Saturday 7th July: Otley Labour Club, Leeds
Saturday 4th August: Humber Street Sesh Festival, Hull
Saturday 18th August: Fast & Bulbous Festival, Adelphi Club, Hull
Tuesday 21st August: JT Soars, Nottingham.

It really is my pleasure to feature My Pleasure again just a month or so since we shared 'These Things Take Time'. The new single 'Thank You for Alphabetising My Spice Rack' is short, to the point, instructive, and plays homage to OCD, well maybe.....


Dan Rico - Hot To Please.

Background - Dan Rico is a Chicago-based singer, producer, recording artist and songwriter. 

He writes and produces a distinctive mix of 60’s pop, soul, punk, electronica and more, drawing strong influence from Prince, T Rex, Elvis Presley and the Rolling Stones.

His album Endless Love was released on the French label Sht in Can Records as well as Chicago’s Maximum Pelt Records in 2016.

His debut was followed by the EP Nobody Knows and the single “Flesh and Bone,” both of which were released in 2017. Rico’s sophomore LP, DREAMY, will be released on cassette, CD and for digital download by Chicago label TMB Limited on Friday, June 22. WEBSITE.

The influences are noted, 'Hot To Please' is however very much Dan Rico's song. Catchy from the opening moments the song sits somewhere between pop and rock, leaving me curious to hear more!